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Who doesn’t love free samples? Take a look at these stories and see if my writing is what you’re looking for.


Alpha Spirit

After accidentally hitting and killing a man with his car, Cody begins hearing a voice in head – a voice that insists he’s becoming a werewolf.  WIP, updated every Friday; Warnings: None

Dragon Bait

Part 1 – Young wanderer Gavin is kidnapped by bandits and used as dragon bait.
1,400 words; Warnings: None, WIP

Part 2 – Gavin is eaten by the dragon, then they plot their escape from the bandits.
2,000 words; Warnings: WIP, dragon on human rimming

Part 3 – Gavin and Kezlyn make their escape.
2,000 words; Warnings: None, WIP

Short Stories

A Solitary Flame

Kessex discovers that opposites attract when he begins college at Alyrrawood University.
14,700 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content, questionable consent.

Wild Iris

After failing to pay his taxes, Bryan is sold as a slave to cover the bill.
3,500 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content, Master/slave.

Not Your Average Faerie Tale

Inspired by the picture on my home page, a human is captured by a faerie.
1,600 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content, non-consensual.

Wolf’s Kiss

Tesmerin the healer finds an injured wolf in the woods and earns himself an unexpected reward.
1,200 words; Warnings: None.

Dream Lover

A deaf man develops a crush on his rude faerie neighbor after having erotic dreams about him.
3,100 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content.

Demon’s Law

A stranded explorer finds himself at the mercy of his demon bodyguard.
3,600 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content.

Wet Dreams

Ezarali has a nightmare and Nathan comforts him.
1,300 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content, Master/slave.

The Seer’s Apprentice

Lord Allaran, a pain seer, must interview a young man seeking to be come his apprentice.
2,300 words; Warnings: None.

A Crash-course in Kinsa-sitting

Simon and Julian return in this short adventure in pet-sitting.
2,400 words; Warnings: Language, m/m sexual content.


A professor does a little hands-on research when he meets a dragon in distress.
2,500 words; Warnings m/m sexual content between a dragon and a human

Empathy For the Devil

Brahm tracks a dangerous werewolf to a small mountain village, but what he finds is more trouble than he bargained for.
5,500 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content, dubious consent (emotional manipulation)

The Remarkable Sexploits of a Reluctant Space Slut

Introducing Captain Mark Raelune, leader of a band of misfits and miscreants exploring and pillaging in space. Sci-fantasy
1,500 words; Warnings: none

The Remarkable Sexploits of a Reluctant Space Slut – Ch. 2

Captain Mark charms his way into Kateri’s pants.
4,000 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content, coercion, reluctance, non-con

Savage Beasts

A hired gun helps a centaur family.
4,000 words; Warnings: none

Tales From Alyrrawood

When Charias Met Izeri

Charias arrives at Alyrrawood for the start of the new year and meets his new roommate.
1,200 words; Warnings: None

Broken Wrist

Charias accidentally breaks Izeri’s wrist.
2,000 words; Warnings: Mild language

The Sea Scorpion

Charias goes for a swim.


Akitra grounds Jak after the party – from Akitra’s POV
4200 words; Warnings: M/M sexual content


Broken Wings

Jakil LeMae arrives at Alyrrawood University, the prestigious school for mages, werecreatures, vampires and faeries. 172,000 words; Warnings: m/m and m/m/m sexual content, cutting, emo faeries, a few loose ends. (Link to free read at the bottom of the page.)

Also available in E-book format through Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, and in paperback format through CreateSpace and Amazon (contains an exclusive new short story, Birthday Surprise, featuring Jak, Maika, and Akitra).


In this sequel/alternate POV to the 2008 epic novel Broken Wings, Moonlight follows Izeri, a weather fey with a dark secret as he fights for love, acceptance, and his very life. WIP – currently 90,400 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content, some angst. Hosted offsite on


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  1. Ms. Locke:
    Are you ever going to complete/post Moonlight?
    Denise (

  2. I can’t get any of these lins to work. I’m very interested in “Moonlight” and “Alpha Spirit”.

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