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Smashwords and CreateSpace editions include special Bonus Features: Articles, Character Biographies, and the exclusive short story Birthday Surprise. BrokenWingsBkGd

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Broken Wings by Katica Locke
Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance
Warnings: GLBT M/M and M/M/M, self-harm
Length: 180,000 words
E-book Price: $4.99
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Trade Paperback Price: $14.95
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(This is an unedited version and lacks the short story Birthday Surprise.)


In this erotic gay fantasy novel, Jakil LeMae arrives at Alyrrawood University, the prestigious all male school for mages, vampires, faeries, and werefolk. He makes friends, enemies, and attracts the attention of a sadistic lust faerie–and it’s only his first day there!

His roommate, Maika, is the faerie poster-boy for the clinically depressed, and seems determined to be as unfriendly as possible, until a mutual need forces them together. Jak, a healing mage, is drawn to pain and suffering with a need to fix things, but is this broken faerie beyond fixing?

Akitra is a lust faerie and Maika’s only friend, and he takes an instant dislike to Jak over a perceived insult. Unfortunately for Jak, insulting a faerie can have deadly consequences.

Jak’s closest friends are Izeri, a weather fey who can’t control the weather, and Zaiden, a goofy fire mage. The two couldn’t be more different–Izeri is quiet, timid, and very hands-off, and Zaiden is loud, impulsive, and has a horny streak a mile wide–but Jak would trust either of them with his life.

Also in the mix is Charias, an anti-social wereshark that Jak manages to offend, who happens to be Izeri’s roommate.

Caught up in a world of sex, drama, deception, and betrayal, who can Jak trust, who can he save, and who will he love?

** This book contains pervasive, explicit sexual content, M/M and M/M/M relationships, and self-harm. **

Author’s Note: This book is not literary fiction. It’s not going to change your life or help you find religion, but it might entertain you for a few hours if you just want a fun read full of smut and drama, and yes, most of the characters in this story are horny young men in a world where casual sex is normal, even expected. If that doesn’t sound to your liking, to each their own and have a wonderful day.


Posted January 31, 2013 by katicalocke

3 responses to “Broken Wings

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  1. Finally bought this one ^^ Loved the Birthday Surprise, the dynamic you have between them is wonderful. Can’t wait to read the book a second time 😀

    Good luck with your writing 🙂

    Conspiring Word Addict
  2. I can’t find the Birthday Surprise extra..I really want to read it, can you tell me how to find it??

    • Birthday Surprise is at the back of Broken Wings, but only in the e-book and print versions. It’s past the main story, but before the articles. Hope that helps 🙂

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