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Free Fiction Friday — A Crash-course in Kinsa-sitting   Leave a comment

They say that all good things must come to an end, and so too must Free Fiction Friday–at least for a while. I’m getting ready to go back to work and I need to devote my time to some other projects that have been neglected recently, so this will be the last new short story for a while.

A Crash-course in Kinsa-sitting is a short adventure in pet-sitting starring Simon and Julian from my Suburban Fantasy series.

I also got some updated information from my publisher regarding Spellwrought. It’s been delayed a little due to a hiccup having to do with the cover art, but as soon as that is resolved, it will be out in no time. Right now, they are bracing for hurricane Irene, so I have them and the millions of people in the storm’s path in my thoughts and prayers.


What’s in a Name? How I Name Characters   Leave a comment

Ever have trouble coming up with a name for your characters? Ever wonder how I do it? Read my latest article on Names to find out and maybe pick up some hints to make your own naming easier.

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1 Place For Romance — A New Place to Find My Books   Leave a comment

Shadowfire Press got a new ebook distributor — 1 Place For Romance. Right now, the book of mine that has been added to the site is The Vampire Next Door, but I’m sure that the others will be added soon.


And speaking of my Suburban Fantasy series, I got  great review for Will Work for Blood. Hockeyvamp at says: “This series just keeps getting better and better. I was blown away with the emotion that the two lovers evoke from each other as they discover their destiny and reveal their pasts.”
Read the full review here: Bitten By Books’ Review of Will Work For Blood

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Free Fiction Friday–The Seer’s Apprentice   Leave a comment

Okay, so this one is more like the first chapter of a novel I’ll probably never find time to write than an actual short story, but the scene has been bugging me for over a year now and I had to write it down.

Lord Allaran, a pain seer, must interview a young man seeking to become his apprentice. The Seer’s Apprentice

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Free Fiction Friday — Wet Dreams   Leave a comment

Here is a short story from the world of Faerie Christmas and Sparkles & Strawberries. Ezarali has a nightmare and Nathan comforts him. Fluff/smut. Enjoy!

Wet Dreams by Katica Locke

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A Fantasy Nightmare–The Shival   Leave a comment

What is the creature that all men fear? In my universe, It’s the shival, a carnivorous equine that preys upon anything it can catch, even dragons. Read all about it in my latest article, The Shival.

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Free Fiction Friday — The Sea Scorpion   Leave a comment

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry this is a bit late–I’ve been inspired/distracted by Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which explains the topic of this week’s little fiction.

If you’ve been following Moonlight or have read Broken Wings, you’re probably familiar with Charias. This is just a glimpse into his life and may contain spoilers if you aren’t familiar with those other stories. Here’s the link: The Sea Scorpion by Katica Locke. Enjoy!

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