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Mid-2016 Update   17 comments

First of all, I’m alive and well, seeing as some of you have been worried about me. Sorry for the lack of communication, but the last few months have been pretty crazy. We had a couple of health scares with my father, but he’s doing much better now, though I’m still pretty busy trying to lighten his load around the house. I’ve gotten pretty good at splitting and stacking firewood. 🙂

The last day of school was yesterday, so maybe now I’ll get a chance to take a breath and try to write again. I’ve been trying to write the bonus features for the next Magebound novel, but writer’s block has hit me bad, and the few times I have had time to write, the ideas just aren’t there. It’s probably just stress and I’ll get over it now that I have a break from work, but it has been very frustrating.

I’m very disappointed in myself, as I expected to have Memoryache published months ago, but the one thing that I won’t do is publish work that is anything less than the best that I can produce. Thanks for all your concern and for your patience, and hopefully I’ll have good news by the end of summer.


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