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Moonlight Monday 10/27/14   2 comments

Author’s Note: I’m on a roll! Four chapters in a row! Lol.

I’ve decided I may do NaNoWriMo again this year, but I’ll have to fudge the rules a bit. instead of starting anew project, I’ll be working on my current ones, but keeping track of the words I write during November. It’s not really cheating, but it’s still not quite what the founding fathers of WriMo intended. Still, it’ll help me get some progress done on the many projects I’m in the middle of.

Enjoy and thanks for reading! ^_^

Moonlight Ch. 48


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Moonlight Monday 10/13/14   Leave a comment

Author’s Note: Yay! That’s three chapters on time in a row! Lol. This chapter is one of my recent favorites and features the return of one of my favorite minor characters.

Enjoy and thanks for reading! ^_^

Moonlight Ch. 47

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The Books Have Arrived! ^_^   3 comments

Yay! I’m now the proud (and hopefully temporary) owner of a big box of books! It’s not too late to claim your signed copy. Just send me an email and we’ll work out the details:

Magebound – $10

Breach – $10

Broken Wings – $12

Any two for $18 or three for $25. Shipping within the US is $4 for the first book and +$1 for each additional book.

I have to say, I am just as pleased with the quality of Magebound as I have been for the other books. Still very happy with CreateSpace.


Spellwrought Update   7 comments

I thought I’d post an update on the progress of Spellwrought, since I had (what I consider to be) an amazing breakthrough the other night regarding Naeven. After having re-read Magebound numerous times during the publishing process, and recently re-read Spellwrought again to consider what, if any, editing I wanted to do, I was struck again by how irrational and emotional Naeven could be. He’s worse in Spellwrought than he was in Magebound, getting depressed or flying into a rage, or sulking for seemingly no good reason…

And I considered rewriting the entire book to make him more reasonable.

But then I realized that he doesn’t have to be reasonable. Not if he’s bipolar.

And suddenly all of his emotional outbursts made sense, his highs and lows, his rages, his drama. And it adds yet another layer to the story and to his character. Now, I don’t profess to understand what it’s like to have bipolar disorder, but I grew up with a mother who is borderline bipolar, and she didn’t seek medical help for it until I was in high school, so I have first-hand experience in surviving the rages and depression and manic mood swings of someone who is bipolar. I will do my best not to turn him into a characterture or stereotype, or to use his illness as a gimmick.

It’s going take some rewriting of certain parts, especially the end, but that’s okay, because I was never really happy with how Spellwrought ended anyway. What I’ve written so far is so much better. And now Naeven has a reasonable explanation for being unreasonable, and he’s even got a reasonable explanation for why he quit taking the herbs that helped him. I think it’s a poignant glimpse at who he used to be, and how far he had fallen before Lark came into his life.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to at the moment, along with working on another chapter of Moonlight and trying to brainstorm an idea for another Christmas Confessions story for the holidays. I’m trying to avoid ‘rinse and repeat’ when it comes to a plot, and so far, most of them have been really similar to Dragon Lover.

Guy 1: “Merry Christmas and surprise, I’m a faerie/vampire/werewolf/centaur!”

Guy 2: “Oh, I can’t take this! Wait, I love you. Let’s have sex!”

Once was fine, and maybe in the future I could use that plot again, but I want to be more creative than that, dammit!

Okay, enough from me, lol. If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions, or questions, feel free to comment. ^_^


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