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Purchasing Information:

Long Winter’s End by Katica Locke
Genre: Erotic Fantasy
Warnings: GLBT m/m
Length: 12,700 words

E-book: $0.99

Can Myrran redeem his people and bring an end to a year-long winter?

When Myrran’s tribe arrived in the beautiful valley, it was a veritable land of plenty, until winter came and refused to leave. Desperate for spring to return, they leave an offering upon the ancient stone altar deep in the woods, a sacrifice to appease the spirits. Myrran, not at all happy to be left in the woods to die, is shocked to meet Ilevet, a giant talking rabbit and the true spirit of the valley.

Ilevet is not the vengeful demon Myrran’s tribe imagined him to be, nor is the winter his fault. After speaking with the spirit, Myrran sympathizes with the lonely being and sets out to redeem his people for their ignorant mistakes.

After an unspeakable act of betrayal, Myrran alone holds the key to ending the long winter and saving all their souls.




Posted June 9, 2011 by katicalocke

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