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Since I want to be more interactive with my readers, I decided to post my goals here so you can track my progress, cheer me on, or shame me into getting my butt in gear if I fall behind. 😀

Updated 9/23/13

Finish Moonlight
Progress: 128,219/ 250,000 words
9/15/13 – 126,362
9/8/13 – 120,955
8/31/13 – 109,496
3/2/13 – 115,804

Self-publish Magebound, Spellwrought, and Breach
Progress: Preliminary cover art for Breach done, started cover art for Magebound.
Edited and formatted Breach for Smashwords. (8/31/13)
Began outlining bonus short story for Breach. (9/15/13)
Began writing bonus short story, Honeymoon. (9/23/13)

Finish Honeymoon
9/23/13 – 1,871

Finish Dragon Bait
Progress: 11,150 / 20,000 (estimated length)

Write Winter/Spring story #2 – Breaking the Ice
Progress: 3,987 / 10,000 words (estimated length)
3/2/13 – 1,954

Write Winter/Spring story #3 – Snowbound
Progress: Outline completed; 0 / 15,000 words (estimated length)

Completed Goals:

Published Broken Wings in trade paperback. (9/13/13)
Finished outline for Honeymoon


Posted February 26, 2013 by katicalocke

2 responses to “Goals

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  1. Hey, why don’t update this page? I would love to see your actual progress, not only through your weekly accouncements 🙂
    I know you are up to a lot of stuff right now, but I kind of lost the track…
    Let’s see if i got that right:
    – You are writing Moonlight.
    – You are writing Alpha Spirit.
    – You want to write more of Dragon Bait, The Christmas Confessions and much more…
    – Are you still in process of publishing the rest of the suburban fantasy series though amazon?

    Was that all :/ ? Is there more we can hope for? 😀

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