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Author’s Note: Happy Monday!

I’m feeling a lot better about where the story is going and how Izeri and Charias’ relationship is developing. I finally let Izeri’s spirit speak and he had all the answers, lol. And we finally find out his name! And a little more about werespirits in general, some of which I hadn’t actually thought of until I started writing this chapter. Worldbuilding is a constant process with me; I’m just really lucky that I don’t end up contradicting myself. ^_^

Make sure you read the author’s note at the beginning of the chapter – lots of good information about upcoming book releases that I don’t feel like repeating here. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and I’ll see you in two weeks, June 8th!

Moonlight Ch. 62

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Free Fiction Friday – Alpha Spirit: Chapter Six – Therapy   Leave a comment

“Mom got me an appointment with a therapist, Dr. Edison, who immediately asked me to call her Angela. She reminded me of the freshman track coach, except she dressed nicer and cussed less. I was on the track team for a while my freshman year, but I was the slowest of the sprinters and kept tripping over the hurdles, so I decided to channel my energy in a different direction; I started writing fiction.”

— Alpha Spirit, Chapter Six – Therapy

I’ll see you next Friday, 5/29/15 for Chapter Seven – Voices.


Alpha Spirit Chapter Index

Alpha Spirit: Chapter Six – Therapy

Free Fiction Friday – Alpha Spirit: Chapter Five – Confession   Leave a comment

“I hadn’t thought it possible, but my nightmares just kept getting worse. Every time I closed my eyes, I was that guy again. I could feel his panic, his desperation, his pain, his death. And then it just got weird. Sometimes, I would dream I was him way before the accident. I saw the man in the hat, the angry one on the corner in the rain, and I knew him. His name was Thomas. Every time I saw him, I heard the baying of dogs, like hunting dogs, howling. The sound terrified me.”

— Alpha Spirit, Chapter Five – Confession

I’ll see you next Friday, 5/22/15 for Chapter Six – Therapy.


Alpha Spirit Chapter Index

Alpha Spirit: Chapter Five – Confession

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Author’s Note: Happy Monday! What a wild weekend. Between my uncle’s birthday party and Mother’s Day, and house-sitting for a friend, I’m exhausted. I think I’m figuring out what to do with Izeri and Charias and things are progressing nicely. I hope so, anyway, lol. ^_^

In case you missed the announcement, I’ve decided to start Free Fiction Friday again. I have about half of a werewolf romance written, and I’ll be posting 1k word chapters every Friday.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter and I’ll see you again in two weeks – May 25th!

Moonlight Ch. 61

Free Fiction Friday – Alpha Spirit: Chapter Four – Broken   Leave a comment

Sorry this post is late, I had an unexpected evening yesterday. Usually, I set up to post this update around 5 am local time, while I’m asleep. Well, I got the new chapter page added, but didn’t have time to write this post before dinner. Then we watched a movie, then Big Bang Theory, Bones, and Elementary. I was going to write this post after that, but our power flickered and my computer shut off, and I was already tired, so I said ‘forget it’ and went to bed. So that’s why this is a little late. ^_^

Feedback is always welcome and I’ll see you next Friday, 5/15/15 for Chapter Five – Confession.


Alpha Spirit Chapter Index

Alpha Spirit: Chapter Four – Broken

Free Fiction Friday – Alpha Spirit: Chapter Three – Nightmares   Leave a comment

As I promised, here is a bonus chapter for this week since Ch. 2 is so short. Feedback is always welcome and I’ll see you next Friday, 1/8/15 for Chapter Four – Broken.


Alpha Spirit Chapter Index

Alpha Spirit: Chapter Three – Nightmares

Free Fiction Friday – Alpha Spirit: Chapter Two – Confrontation   Leave a comment

Yes, I remembered to get this out on time! ^_^ Okay, two things – First, this chapter is quite short, much less than 1k I was aiming for, so I’ll be posting chapter three a bit later this morning to make up for it.

Second, what do you think about the header image at the top of each chapter. I know it’s not great, but does it add anything, or is it just a distraction?

Finally, (I guess that’s three things, isn’t it?) what do you think of the story?

Alpha Spirit

Blurb: After accidentally hitting and killing a man with his car, Cody, a quiet high school senior, begins hearing a voice in head – a voice that insists he’s becoming a werewolf.
Genre: M/M werewolf romance/adventure
Warnings: None (I’m trying to see if I can write a PG-13/mild R rated book – a soft romance that might appeal to a wider audience [Don’t worry, if you really want the explicit scenes that I’m so famous for – lol – then I could be convinced to write some “deleted scenes.”])

Alpha Spirit: Chapter Two – Confrontation


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