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Okay, so I barely made it this Friday. I’ll be much more prompt from now on. I only just decided to do this last night as I was falling asleep.

In a previous post, I mentioned how much I miss having Free Fiction Friday. Well, I’ve been working on a fun side-project for a couple of months, and I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it. I’m up to 32k words of what I estimate will be 50k – 60k in total. Of course I’d like to publish it eventually, but I also want to share it, and since having an early draft of Broken Wings available online hasn’t seemed to hurt the sales of the ebook or paperback, I decided I’d do both. :)

I considered posting this one on FictionPress, like I do with Moonlight, but I’d like to bring readers to my site, so I’ll be posting it here. I divided it into roughly 1k word chapters, which I know is painfully short, but this way I’ll have new content to add every week for many months. Yay! And now, the details:

Alpha Spirit

Blurb: After accidentally hitting and killing a man with his car, Cody, a quiet high school senior, begins hearing a voice in head – a voice that insists he’s becoming a werewolf.
Genre: M/M werewolf romance/adventure
Warnings: None (I’m trying to see if I can write a PG-13/mild R rated book – a soft romance that might appeal to a wider audience [Don’t worry, if you really want the explicit scenes that I’m so famous for – lol – then I could be convinced to write some “deleted scenes.”])

Alpha Spirit: Chapter One – The Accident

Moonlight Monday – 4/13/15   1 comment

Author’s Note: Hello and Happy Monday everyone! I had a bit of trouble with this chapter, so it’s a little shorter than they have been. I kept deleting things :( Oh well, that’s what editing is for. See you into two weeks – April 27th!

Moonlight Ch. 59

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Guess who got a big box of books in the mail yesterday! This is one of my favorite parts of putting out a new book. ^_^

Spellwrought BooksI ordered 10 books (9 in the pic because I put one on my shelf beside Magebound already). If you would like a signed copy, I’m asking $10 each + shipping and packaging ($5 in the US). I do offer multiple-book discounts and, if you buy a book from me, I’ll send you a coupon code for a free digital copy of the same title at Smashwords. Amazon has this same offer, called Matchbook, but only on books purchased through them. I can’t give away books through Amazon, but I can through Smashwords.

Contact me via email: katicalocke(at)gmail(dot)com

Payment accepted through Paypal

I also have several copies of Magebound, Breach, and Broken Wings available.

You can also find Spellwrought on Amazon for $12.95

Moonlight Monday – 3/30/15   5 comments

Author’s Note: Happy Monday! I had a good, if somewhat sleepless, Spring Break. I was house and dog-sitting, and I never sleep very well in someone else’s house. That’s okay, though, the dog was a delight. ^_^

I had a good first two weeks of sales for Spellwrought. I sold around 70 copies if it, and 20 copies of Magebound, a few copies of my other books, so I’d say I sold 100 books in the last two weeks, which is awesome! Thank you to everyone who could support my efforts. ^_^ Sales have dropped off, back to the usual 2 or 4 a day, probably because I’ve quit promoting it. I wish I knew how to get the word out there better. I hate the idea of tweeting ‘Buy my book! Buy my book!’ all the time. I wish I could start posting stories for Free Fiction Friday again. I got some great traffic when I was doing that – nearly 700 views in one day. These days, it’s only about 60 a day. *Sigh* The dark and gritty side of self-publishing – marketing.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter and I’ll see you again in two weeks – April 13th!

Moonlight Ch. 58

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Katica Locke: Welcome back, everyone, to our final interview with the characters of Spellwrought. Today we have a special guest with us, Venaritam, daughter of…um, business mogul, Venariritzan. Welcome, Tam.

Tam: Thank you, Katica. It’s great to be here. My father doesn’t let me leave the mountain very often, so this is a real treat. Ask me anything.

KL: All right, let’s start with you name.

T: Oh, sure! I was named after my great-grandmother, who ran the family business after my great-grandfather died in an ‘accident’–

KL: Actually, I meant could you explain why athaenian names are so different from the names of most other cultures?

T: Oh, right. Well, it’s all about family. We athaenians are big on family, so our family name is first, with our given name immediately after, because family is the most important thing, and each of is is forever linked to our family.

KL: So, what happens when two athaenians get married? Does one of you take the others family name, is it hyphenated, and what about your children? How do you name them?

T: Names don’t change in our culture. When I get married, I’ll keep my name and he’ll keep his. Our families will negotiate for the rights to our children’s names. Usually, someone pays for first rights, and the firstborn will bear that family name, with it alternating back and forth. If there’s an odd number of children, the family with the most will pay the other a settlement, the amount usually agreed to at the time of marriage.

KL: Wow, your culture sounds very structured.

T: Well, it helps to prevent bad blood between families. The last thing anyone needs is another blood-feud.

KL: No, that doesn’t sound good at all. So, can I ask you about Naeven? Is it true that the two of you are secretly dating?

T: (grins) That’s right.

KL: How did that happen? I mean, how did you meet?

T: You’re never going to believe it, but it was such a serendipitous twist of fate. It was years ago. Someone was killing my brothers – one of those blood-feuds I told you about – and I feared for my life. I had never been outside of the mountain, but I snuck out in the middle of the night – it was the first time I had ever seen the night – and I ran as far as I could. It was winter and I got cold and hungry, and then I saw this magnificent castle. I went inside and it was love at first sight.

KL: Well, that is quite the story. Do you have time for a few fan letters?

T: (grins) Of course!

KL: (paper rustling) Okay, the first is from Jeremiah in Redding, California. ‘Dear Tam, what is is like to live underground all the time? What do you find to eat down there?’

T: Oh, there’s lots of stuff to eat. We cultivate cave moss and several types of fungus, which we feed to our animals. Coomas give us milk and meat, and we can shear them for their fleece, pitaras lay eggs, and we have two large lakes that support healthy fish populations. We also trade with you above-grounders for things like fruit and vegetables. I know I make it sound like a paradise so you probably won’t believe this, but I hate it underground. All those artificial lights and the immense, vaulted caverns and the caves of emeralds and rubies and diamonds – it’s just so…stagnant. Nothing ever changes. Up here, you have the sunrise and midday and sunset and midnight – and that’s just the sky! Everything is always different, always so wondrous. I can’t wait until I can marry Naeven and move into his castle permanently.

KL: I see…The next question is from Erbangel in Siva Delta on Nethmalon. ‘Dear Tam, do athaenians have pets?’

T: Sort of, if you’d count the large, semi-tame lizards that eat the cave crickets that infest our houses pets. Otherwise, no.

KL: Okay, last question. DancesWithWerewolves in Madrid asks, ‘Dear Tam, if you could have anything in the universe, what would it be?’

T: That’s easy.

KL: Let me guess – Naeven?

T: No, I already have Naeven. I would want a purple unicorn named Frank that only eats jellybeans and drinks malt whiskey.

KL: Okay, that’s all the time we have for today. Thank you Tam and thanks to everyone who turned in. Until next time, this is Katica Locke signing off.


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A grating squeal rattles through my bones, and I see a streak of something blacker than the night rush at us. Then Lucifer rears and I am flying through the air. I land hard in the middle of the muddy road, the breath knocked completely from my body. I gasp and taste dirt. Coughing, I pull an arm underneath me. I have to get up; I have to see what attacked us.

Lucifer squeals, his voice deeper than the other’s, but eerily similar. I raise my head and watch as Lucifer rears up, fangs bared, and lunges forward, his chest slamming into the shoulder of a large black horse, its silver mane and tail glittering in the moonlight. That’s no horse, I realize as the black equine bares its own jagged white teeth: it’s a shival. Lucifer dances back as the shival snaps at him. Then they both rear up, hooves slashing the air before they crash together again, the ground trembling from the impact.

The shival stumbles back, its predatory speed and strength no match for Lucifer’s vampiric abilities, but that doesn’t stop the black monster. It leaps forward, teeth flashing, and Lucifer squeals with rage as blood pours down his shoulder. Lucifer swings his head across the shival’s neck, sending the larger equine to its knees. Lucifer rears again and brings his hooves down, trying to break the shival’s spine, but it rolls onto its side, out of the way, and kicks out, its razor sharp hooves scoring a glancing blow up Lucifer’s left front leg. Lucifer leaps back, more blood darkening his hide.

Head raised and nostrils flared, Lucifer watches the shival climb to its feet, the little stallion not even seeming to breathe as he waits. They regard each other, neither moving. Then the shival lunges, its head low, snapping at Lucifer’s legs. Lucifer rears back and kicks the shival in the head, sending it stumbling sideways, blood flowing from a gash above its right eye. The shival squeals and attacks again, but Lucifer charges forward, slamming his chest against the black monster’s neck, and sends it sprawling in the mud. The shival thrashes, legs up in the air, and then rolls over. Only its front legs are under it before Lucifer charges again, long fangs sinking deep into the shival’s neck. The beast screams, a horrible, agonized sound, and pulls away, a thick gout of blood raining down onto the muddy ground.

The shival lunges to its feet, its chest and front legs shiny with blood. It staggers, lips pulled back from its teeth, still trying to snap at Lucifer, even as it falls back to its knees. I watch it try to rise, its legs buckling again and again. Lucifer steps closer, his ears laid back against his skull, and the shival whinnies, high, desperate, afraid.

Don’t,” I whisper, and groan as I push myself up off the ground. It hurts to breathe, but not like anything’s broken, thank Maele. I take a step toward the fallen equine. “Lucifer, don’t—” The little stallion leaps forward and sinks his fangs into the shival’s throat, pinning its neck to the ground as it tries to jerk away. I watch it kick at the empty air, growing weaker as Lucifer gulps down its blood, licking and sucking at the wound. I turn away, nauseated.

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Katica Locke: Hello, everyone and Happy St. Patty’s Day! Today, it is my pleasure to introduce Vaelen Frast, a sailor and fisherman from Traxen. Welcome, Vaelen!

Vaelen: It’s a pleasure to meet ya, Miss Katica.

KL: Vaelen, why don’t you tell our audience a bit about yourself and the role you play in Spellwrought.

V: Isn’t much to tell, really. I settled in Traxen a few years ago ‘cause the fishing is good and the people are friendly, but I try not to let myself get tied down, ya know? I need my freedom and there ain’t no man nor woman worth giving that up. Now, in yer book, I play the lovable rogue who charms the pants off yer uptight main character, Lark.

KL: I think you mean you scare the pants off him.

V: You tell it yer way and I’ll tell it mine. Ya ask me, he was just playing hard to get.

KL: (shakes head) You’ll never learn, will you?

V: (grins) I hope not.

KL: Anyway, what can you tell us about the ocean around Traxen? Ever see anything interesting while at sea?

V: I’ll say. Those waters are full of wonders. At night, when the sea is calm, ya can hear the grayback whales singing, and in the morning, if yer close to shore, ya can see sea serpents lying in the sun on the rocky beaches, and after there’s been a storm, sometimes ya can see abyssal jellyfish floating on the surface, dredged up from the depths by the churning water. And, if yer real lucky, ya might see a selkie.

KL: Have you ever seen one?

V: Seen ‘em? I’ve caught ‘em in my nets before.

KL: What do you do with them? There’s no market for selkies, is there?

V: ‘Course there is. There’s a market for just about anything, if ya know where to look. The first one I caught, I asked around. I could have made a small fortune, but I couldn’t do it. Ya take a selkie away from the sea and something inside ‘em just dies. So, now I just let ‘em go.

KL: Oh, Vaelen, that’s so generous of you.

V: (grins) Well, I won’t pretend like I don’t get anything out of it. Most selkies are real friendly, once ya convince them that ya ain’t gonna steal their skin. Real friendly, if ya know what I mean.

KL: Yes, I think we get it. Let’s see what’s in the mail bag, shall we? (paper rustling) Here is a question from PixieGrace in Tallissa on Eixiin. ‘Dear Vaelen, what made you decide to become a sailor?’

V: You could say that sailing in in my blood. My father was a merchant sailor, and his father was a fisherman, and his father was a pirate, so the sea has long been a part of my family.

KL: Nice. Our next letter is from Alexi in St. Petersburg, Russia. ‘Dear Vaelen, you seem like a friendly guy. Is there anyone in Traxen that you don’t get along with?’

V: No, not really. I mean, the mage ain’t real friendly, but I’ve never really had a problem with him, personally. The drac blacksmith don’t like me much, but that was just a misunderstanding. I didn’t know that dracs will only mate with their own kind. Oh, and then there’s that alien that’s shacked up with Rayne. I don’t much care for him, but he keeps to himself, most the time.

KL: (frowns) You mean Belaeden?

V: Yeah, that’s the one. I wish he’d go back where he came from.

KL: I see. Okay, last question. This one is from SeamenLover on Ashael. ‘Dear Vaelen, if you had one day left to live, what would do?’

V: Well, I s’pose I’d have as much sex as possible.

KL: Which I’m sure comes as no surprise. Thank you, Vaelen. And thank you to our audience. If you’d like to read more about Vaelen, be sure to pick up a copy of Spellwrought, and don’t forget to tune in next time, when I’ll be interviewing Tam, the crazy daughter of a mafia kingpin. Until then, this is Katica Locke, signing off.

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