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Free Fiction Friday – Space Adventures   2 comments

All right, the fact that this week’s story begs for more goes without saying. I plan on making this a continuing series, updated infrequently for now, but it may eventually take the place of Moonlight once Moonlight is finished. For now, let me know what you think, and if you have an idea for the name of the space ship, let me know!

Space Adventures by Katica Locke
1,500 words
Warnings: None

Oh, and I’ve also added a new section to my website where you, dear reader, can interact with me. Right now I have a page where you can leave prompts, if there’s a story idea would like to see written, and one where you can ask me questions, like an interview. Have fun! ^_^


January Update 2013   2 comments

I love having good news to share. ^_^

Broken Wings has far exceeded my expectations. In the two weeks that it’s been out, it’s sold 26 copies (which I realize isn’t that many, but all things considered, it’s pretty awesome) and is currently the #3 Bestselling E-book in Gay Erotica and the #4 Bestseller in Fantasy. And, the really exciting part is that the #2 book in Gay Erotica has been published for two years, and the #1 book has been out for three years. And mine’s been out for two weeks! Yeah, I’m a numbers and stats freak. XD

Writing on Moonlight has been up and down. I’m not sure I like the chapter that I’m currently working on. I feel like I’m trying to do too many things in this chapter, and failing at them all. I’m just going to write through it and go back later once I have some distance to see if it can be fixed, or if I’m just being too critical. The chapter that I’m going to post on LiveJournal tonight is short, (sorry) but I really like it.

I’m trying to be more active and visible. I was gone for so long, I feel that many people have forgotten about me (totally my own fault). It makes me much more appreciative of everyone who stuck with me. I love you guys. *hugs*

So far, I’ve come up with a tentative schedule:

Moonlight Monday — A new chapter every other week on LiveJournal. I’ll be posting old chapters on FictionPress every Monday until I get caught up, then it will switch to every other week, too.
WIP Wednesday — I have a new Tumblr that I’m going to start using to post drabbles, snippets, teasers, and ideas from whatever work-in-progress that I’m working on that week.
Free Fiction Friday — Yes, it’s back! I’m going to post a new short story here every Friday.

Speaking of Free Fiction Friday, I need a favor from you guys. I want to write some short, alternate point-of-view drabbles for scenes in Broken Wings and I want to know what scenes you’d like to see from someone else’s POV. Of course, there are some that I won’t do if it might spoil a surprise that I have in store for you later in Moonlight (like WTF is going on with Professor Dark and what happened to Moonsinger), but it can’t hurt to ask. You can suggest more than one if you’d like. Don’t be shy! It can either be a direct re-writing of a scene, like most of Izeri’s and Jak’s scenes that overlap in BW and Moonlight, or it can be a “same time, different place” scene, or it can be a “missing scene”. Be creative! I need ideas!

Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment! ūüėČ

Free Fiction Friday – Empathy For the Devil   Leave a comment

Hey, it’s Free Fiction Friday! I didn’t forget, really. I’ve had a nasty cold and this week’s story turned out longer than I’d thought it would be. I only just finished it, which means it’s probably full of typos. XP

Empathy For the Devil is one of those stories that I always imagined writing a book about someday, so there’s a lot more to these two characters than I was able to fit in here. Maybe one day I’ll find the time to finish fleshing out the story, but for now, enjoy!

I also want to say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for making the e-book release of Broken Wings on Smashwords a big success. I didn’t expect to sell as many copies as I have and I really appreciate all the support.

And now, I’d like your input on something. Not long ago, a commenter asked me if I was going to do any scenes from Broken Wings and Moonlight from the POV of different characters, like Akitra. I hadn’t planned on it, but it got me thinking, and I’d like to try doing it. So here’s what I need:

Tell me which scene from Broken Wings you would like to see re-written and from whose point of view. You can make more than one suggestion if you’d like. Don’t be shy! I’ll post the scenes as part of Free Fiction Friday, although there may be some I won’t do so as not to spoil certain surprises I have in store for you in Moonlight.

Until next time, thanks for reading! ^_^

Free Fiction Friday — Dragonology   Leave a comment

Announcing the return of Free Fiction Fridays! I can’t promise that it’ll be every Friday, but I’ll try my best to share something. In case you’re wondering what brought this on, I’m feeling quite chipper due to the unexpected success of Broken Wings on Smashwords. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, don’t forget, it comes with an all new, exclusive story, Birthday Surprise, featuring Jak, Maika, and Akitra exploring their new relationship. ūüėČ

Today’s short story is an experiment in writing PWP. I have a tendency to build this big backstory and detailed plot, which ends up turning into a novel (or series of novels) when all I set out to do was write some quick smut. Be forewarned, it’s dragon/human porn, so if that isn’t your thing, check back next week. And as always, I’d love to hear what you think of the story.

Dragonology by Katica Locke

Broken Wings is Live on Smashwords!   3 comments

Announcing the official release of Broken Wings through Smashwords, available in several formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.

“In this erotic gay fantasy novel, Jakil LeMae arrives at Alyrrawood University, the prestigious all male school for mages, vampires, faeries, and werefolk. If a suicidal faerie and a homicidal wereshark aren’t bad enough, the school is rumored to be cursed, and if the monsters in the mist don’t kill Jak, a certain lust faerie might.”
Length: 172,000 words
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, M/M and M/M/M, and self-harm.
Price: $4.99 USD
Purchase: Broken Wings.

This is the same story available for free on FictionPress. This version has been edited and a few scenes tweaked. No major changes have been made.

Included with the title story are several “bonus features”: Informative articles on Alyrrawood University, mages, faeries, vampires, and werefolk; character biographies; and a new, exclusive short story (10,000 words) entitled Birthday Surprise, featuring Jak, Maika, and Akitra.

You can purchase Broken Wings for $4.99 USD through the Smashwords website here: Broken Wings.

Thank you for supporting my hard work. ^_^

Broken Wings, Publishing, Moonlight   8 comments

Wow, another update from me. That’s what happens when I have good news to share. ^_^

First of all, Broken Wings is finally ready for self-publishing. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I was afraid it would need a lot more formatting work than it did. Of course, the formatting was screwed up in the first version that I uploaded. There was weird spacing problems and the first paragraph of each chapter was in a smaller font than the rest, and the short story Birthday Surprise was all kinds of messed up, but I think I have everything fixed now. I looked at the PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats and they all look pretty good.

So I’m going to release it on Tuesday, January 15th. I want to publish it now, but this will give me time to give it one more look-see just to make sure there aren’t any glaring errors. I’m sure it still has a few typos, but the good thing about self-publishing in electronic format is that any mistakes that are pointed out to me (hint hint) can be corrected and anyone who buys a copy can get an updated, corrected copy for free (through Smashwords, anyway–I don’t know how the retail distributors work.)

Also, I found out that the rights to my e-books reverted to me at the end of the year, meaning they’re mine again to do with as I like, and I’m really excited about the threesome story collection. I’ve decided to do that with the three best of my e-books: Long Winter’s End, The Shadow Faerie’s Secret, and Slave to the Crown. Just to be clear, each of those stories will have two new thematically similar stories written to go with them; I’m not bundling those three together. However, I’m having a bit of trouble deciding on what theme I want each collection to have. I came up with a short list for each story and I’d like your opinion on which theme you’d like to see, i.e. what you’d like the other two stories to be about.

Long Winter’s End
Original Myth

Slave to the Crown
Enemies become lovers

Shadow Faerie’s Secret

*I’m leaning toward this one, but I’d still like to hear what you think.

I would like to release a new book quarterly, but that would mean writing, editing, formatting, and designing a cover every three months, which wouldn’t leave a lot of time for other projects, so maybe tri-annually would be better, or even twice a year. Gonna have to give that some thought.

And I’ve saved the best new for last. I’m going to start working on Moonlight again. I have the document open and waiting on my computer, and I’ve spent the last few nights thinking about the story as I fell asleep, so I think I’m ready. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to finish a new chapter, but I’ll post it to my LiveJournal as soon as I have one done. I also need to post some old chapters to FictionPress, so I’ll probably start doing that, so don’t jet excited if you seen chapters on FP, they’re actually old ones.

That’s it for now. I’ll make an announcement Tuesday morning with a link to Broken Wings on Smashwords. Squeeee! I’m so excited! ^_^

Let’s Get Excited!   4 comments

Okay, so I’m excited, so that means you should be excited, too. Or at least mildly interested. ^_^

I’m actually making progress on the Broken Wings project. I have one article left to finish and I decided to include just one new story with the BW extras, but it’s a long story. It might reach 10,000 words before I’m finished. I’m currently at 7,100, so I really am close to being finished. It’ll need a few editing passes, but if I’m careful, I can usually feel 98% confident that I caught all the typos and missing words in just a day or two.

After that, it’s a matter of checking formatting and then uploading the files to Smashwords. I can’t make any promises, but I feel confident that I can have it ready by the end of January. I’ve been considering the matter of price and I think I’ll start it at $4.99 US, but I’d like to hear your opinions.

I don’t know if Smashwords will be a viable avenue for me, but if I can make it work, I’d like to go that route. The one story that I do have on Smashwords, A Solitary Flame, has been downloaded more than 1,200 times. It’s a free story that was supposed to be advertising for Broken Wings, so I didn’t make any money off of it, but hopefully I made a few fans.

No news about when I get the rights to my books back, but I’ve been making plans for when I do. What I’d like to do is take three short stories with similar themes (vampires, Master/slave, fairytales, etc.) and bundle them together as a threesome (hee hee) to sell on Smashwords. I’ll start with the stories I have written and write two more to go with them. I think $2.99 for three stories doesn’t sound unreasonable, even if one of them has been previously published. What do you think?

And just because I’m nice, I’ll give you a little teaser from the new story…


Jak groaned softly and opened his eyes, blinking away the fog of sleep as he tried to figure out what had awakened him. He smiled as the answer came in the form of silky hair brushing against the insides of his thighs and a hot, wet tongue lapping at the underside of his morning wood. He lifted the comforter and peeked in at Maika, the teal-haired faerie lying between his legs and licking his cock.

“Morning,” Jak said. Maika mumbled something against Jak’s balls, the vibration making him shudder with pleasure. “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

Maika raised his head. “I said, good morning and happy birthday.”

“Oh,” Jak said as Maika returned to bathing him with slow, firm strokes. “Who told you it was my birthday?”


“Who told him…unh…” He moaned, question forgotten as Maika took his cockhead into his mouth and began to suck, lips sliding over the crown, his tongue probing the slit. For several wonderful minutes, Jak was lost in bliss as Maika showered him with attention, sucking and stroking until Jak was gasping, shaking, his hands balled into fists around the comforter.

“Oh…oh, Maika,” he panted, his hips lifting off the bed. “Maika, I’m gonna come–” He expected his faerie lover to stop, to finish him with his hand, like he usually did, but apparently, birthdays had special meaning in faerie culture, because he just began to hum tunelessly and hollowed his cheeks, his head bobbing between Jak’s thighs until Jak lost it, spilling himself into Maika’s mouth. And then Maika swallowed, which he never did.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Jak said as he lay in bed, trying to catch his breath. Maika slid up his body, licking his lips before giving Jak a rare kiss.

“I know. Don’t get used to it.”


Thanks for reading and I’d love to get your input on the matter! ^_^

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