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Post Holiday Madness!!   6 comments


Yay! I finished NaNo this morning and validated my wordcount. I am officially a winner! Of course, nothing that I was working on is finished, lol, and I’m going to have to put Seeing Red on a back burner while I finish Faerie Christmas (Why do sex scenes have to be so hard?! Why?!) and get back to work on Moonlight. But I do have the next chapter of Seeing Red for you. Enjoy! Seeing Red – Ch. 2


Not a bad first week for Breach, but I wish I knew how to get the word out better. I look for places to promote, but so many of them don’t accept erotica, or it feels more like a general audience. I’d like to target some genre-specific places, if there are any. So, where do you guys see advertisements or promotions for books like mine? Do you frequent any websites that might be helpful?

I did discover that Smashwords allows me to make coupon codes for my books, so I decided to try that for this crazy shopping weekend. The code is good for 50% off of Breach through Dec. 3rd. Feel free to pass it around, send it to friends, tweet it, whatever.

50% off of Breach at Smashwords, code: LV45W


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Moonlight Monday 11/25/13   3 comments

Author’s Note: Happy Monday everyone! I got a new chapter for you! Oh, and if you haven’t heard Breach is finally available!

It also looks like I’m going to win NaNoWriMo again. I’m over 42k and I have a long holiday weekend to work on it. I might even get Faerie Christmas finished. Holy cow, this is the rewrite that will not end. The original story was only 15,000 words, and now it’s almost 50,000! I only meant to write a few new scenes, but as usual, it got away from me, lol. I better hurry up and get it finished or I won’t be able to release it until mid-December…of next year 0_o

Moonlight Ch. 33

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Breach is Now Live!!   6 comments

Yay! Finally! ^_^

Here are some quick links to your favorite retailers:

Amazon – E-book and Paperback

Barnes & Noble – E-book and Paperback

Smashwords – E-book

Thanks for all of your support! You are the best fans a writer could have. 😀

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Honeymoon Excerpt 3

The man turned to them, his smile broad. “Sorry, I believe our introductions were interrupted. Roan, was it?” Roan nodded and shook the outstretched hand. “I’m Shine Diram.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Diram,” Roan said.

Dr. Diram,” Ishaan corrected.

“Shine is fine,” Dr. Diram said with a smile. “If you want, you can leave your bags here. There really isn’t anywhere else to put them, to be honest. It’s not a very large shuttle.”

“Is it going to be a long trip?” Roan asked, imagining being stuffed into a cabin like on the train. It wasn’t that bad, but after the luxury of the cruise ship, it would be like living in a prison cell.

“About thirty minutes, is all,” Dr. Diram said. “Which, we should probably get you two strapped in before we hit the atmosphere. Entry can be a bit bumpy.” They tucked their suitcases into a storage compartment in the wall, then headed down a short hall to the cockpit.

As they entered the control room, they were greeted by an older female machiran in bipedal form, her golden fur silvered on her muzzle and ears, her paws and tail, and all down her throat and chest between her four small breasts. One of her bright, amber eyes was clouded by a milky cataract and she moved with the stiffness of age, her shoulders stooped, but when Dr. Diram leaned down, she rubbed the side of her face against his in a very intimate gesture, a greeting between lovers, if Roan wasn’t mistaken.

“Roan, Ishaan, this is Twyppn,” Dr. Diram said, taking her by one nimble, hand-like paw. “Twyppn has been assisting us with our research for fifteen years and we couldn’t have done any of it without her.” He leaned down again, giving her a kiss on one silky cheek.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said, nodding to Roan, then to Ishaan.

“You, too,” Roan said.

“And over there, making sure we don’t spiral out of control and burn to a cinder,” Dr. Diram said, much too cheerfully, in Roan’s opinion, “is my husband and partner, Laethis Maccorian.”

Don’t forget you can preview the first %20 (about 60 pages) from Smashwords or preorder from Barnes & Noble.

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Honeymoon Excerpt 2

Roan lay across the bed, every muscle in his body as soft as pudding, with Ishaan sprawled naked beside him. They were quiet, sated and contented for the moment. Ishaan might have been asleep, but Roan couldn’t muster the energy to check. He had been licked and sucked and touched and fucked in more ways than he had thought possible, and Ishaan had let him do things he’d never even imagined either of them would enjoy. Not everything turned out as good in practice as it had seemed in theory, but even the failures had brought them closer together, laughter filling the room almost as often as their desperate moans and breathless cries. They hadn’t left the suite since they arrived and only bothered to dress—if slipping into a robe could be considered dressing—to answer the door when room service brought their food.

Speaking of food, Roan wasn’t sure what time it was, but he was starting to get hungry again. He wondered if Ishaan would feel like ordering something, but asking seemed like too much effort. He wasn’t that hungry yet.

He jumped, feeling Ishaan do the same, as that musical chime came through the speakers again, but this time it wasn’t a ship-wide announcement, it was through the intercom.

“Mr. Darvis?” a voice said, perhaps the captain, but Roan doubted it. Ishaan climbed off the bed, crossing to the control panel on the wall. “Mr. Darvis?”

“Yes, this is Ishaan Darvis,” he said.

“Sir, we’re approaching the Orendi Science Outpost. We should make dock in about an hour.”

“Thank you,” Ishaan said, glancing over his shoulder. “We’ll be ready.”

Don’t forget you can preview the first %20 (about 60 pages) from Smashwords or preorder from Barnes & Noble.

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Honeymoon Excerpt 1

Ishaan walked over to the automated registration kiosk and scanned their tickets. The kiosk made a chirping sound and the light on top began to blink. It wasn’t more than a minute before a large, sandy-gray jackrabbit came hopping through the crowd toward them, darting around luggage and between legs. It skidded to a stop in front of them, big ears standing up tall and quivering, and then dissolved into a swirling cloud of black mist. The cloud expanded, rising up as tall as Roan, and then condensed into a smiling young man with sandy hair and a name tag that read Flash.

“Afternoon,” he said. “Heading to Halicon Station?”

“That’s right,” Ishaan said, resisting the urge to make a smart remark. Why would they have bought tickets to Halicon if they were going somewhere else?

“Business or pleasure?” Flash asked, turning to type something into the kiosk control panel.

“Pleasure,” Roan answered. “It’s our honeymoon.”

“Oh, congratulations,” Flash said. “My wife and I just celebrated our second anniversary, and she and her wife are coming up on their fourth. So, how long will you be staying on Halcion?”

“Briefly,” Ishaan said. “We’re catching s ship there.”

“Oh, a star cruise,” Flash said. “How romantic. Will you be returning through this gate?”


“Estimated date of return?”

“Four days from now.”

“Sounds good,” Flash said as a long string of writing scrolled past the screen. “Looks like you only need the one vaccine if you’re just passing through, unless you’re planning to engage in physical relations with anyone on the station.”

“We’re not,” Ishaan said.

“Good, ‘cause they’re having a terrible time with a sexually transmitted parasite—nasty, horrible thing—ugh.” He shuddered, then typed something else into the panel and a small drawer in the side of the kiosk opened, containing two individually packaged antiseptic wipes, two small syringes, and two adhesive bandages. Ishaan started to roll up the sleeve of his T-shirt. “Oh, sorry,” Flash said as he tore open one of the wipes, “this has to be injected into the buttock.”

Don’t forget you can preview the first %20 (about 60 pages) from Smashwords or preorder from Barnes & Noble.

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Honeymoon Excerpt 3

Roan glanced around, then turned to Ishaan. “So, are your friends picking us up or should I try to find a taxi?” He looked positively thrilled at the prospect, giving Ishaan pause.

“Haven’t you ridden in a taxi before?” he asked.

Roan shook his head. “I tried to avoid big cities when I was on my own. I figured someone would be more likely to recognize me there than in a small town. But there were taxis in the city where I grew up. We were just too poor to ever take one.” He glanced around again. “So, what are we doing?”

“Well, since these people are not my friends, and aren’t even on this planet, I guess we’re waiting for you to find us a taxi.”

Roan grinned like it was his birthday and rushed off, weaving through the crowds that loitered in the station. Ishaan hurried after him, a moment of anxiety closing his throat and making it hard to breathe as he lost him. Exiting the train station onto a wide, busy street, Ishaan cast about, his heart racing as he searched for Roan’s red coat—his most distinguishing feature—and couldn’t find it anywhere.

“Ishaan! Over here.”

Ishaan turned toward the voice, the tight knot in his chest loosening as Roan waved to him from just up the block, his red coat draped over his arm. Ishaan suddenly realized how hot it was out there in the sun, and he shrugged out of his jacket, shifting his suitcase from one hand to the other as he made his way over to Roan.

“Don’t run off like that,” Ishaan said. “This is a big place; I couldn’t find you.”

“Sorry,” Roan said. “Look—I found a taxi.” He gestured to the small, bright-green coach parked at the curb, and sure enough, it had TAXI painted on the side of it, probably in more than one language, although Ishaan couldn’t read the others to be sure. It had dark green leather seats and a black canvas top that was folded down, waiting for bad weather. Hitched in front of the coach were two of the largest birds that Ishaan had ever seen. For a moment, he wondered if they were rocs, but then realized that they were nowhere near as big as that. Standing eight or nine feet tall, they had small red eyes and a hooked beak on top of long, scaly necks, shaggy gray feathers the color of weathered wood, and long, scaly legs with wide, four-toed feet.


Don’t forget you can preview the first %20 (about 60 pages) from Smashwords or preorder from Barnes & Noble.

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