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Do you have an idea for a story you’d like to see?

Go ahead, leave a comment on this page with as much or as  little detail as you’d like. I can’t promise anything because sometimes ideas just don’t grab me, and I find that I don’t write as well if I’m not interested in what I’m writing. Anything I write from an idea here will be posted on a Free Fiction Friday!



Posted January 31, 2013 by katicalocke

32 responses to “Prompt Me!

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  1. So, I saw that you’ve been updating Moonlight of late, and thus the request for alternative POV requests. Really I’d love to see just about anything from Maika’s POV. It just seems to me that he’s extreemly good at internalizing, well just about everything, and it would be interesting to see his take on things going on. As to any specific scenes, it might be interesting to see his take on when Jack 1st moves in, and I’ve always kind of wonderd if it was Maika or Akitra who fixed Jack’s dresser drawer.

    P.S.: Glad to hear you’ve gotten at least some of your publishing woes straightened out and are now back on track.

    • Thanks for the idea! I think Maika (as well as Akitra) will be had ones to write, just because they’re sidhe and sidhe always have so much going on that they don’t express. But it ought to be fun to try. ^_^

      Thank you, I’m glad to be back writing again. I think a lot of my problem was my lack of control over what was going on, having to wait for other people, etc. Losing my publishers was hard, but on the bright side, I’m in control again.

  2. There are two scenes I really want to see from Charias’s point of view. The first is the pool, when the Bio professor is trying to fail Charias and Izeri, and the second is when Charias sees Izeri with his sketchbook!

  3. I think one from Maika’s POV would be good too 🙂 Maybe when he slits his wrists. But I also agree that some from Charias’s POV would be great as well, he’s a wonderfully conflicted character and I love his Were’s input

    Conspiring Word Addict
    • Oooh, a dark, angsty story. I could probably do that. 🙂 I love Charias and his spirit. I think she might be my current favorite character. Just wait until you see what I’ve cooked up for Free Fiction Friday. She’s awesome! ^_^
      Thanks for the ideas!

  4. The Akitra POV was really good. ^_^ I’m a bit confused as to how he goes form that mindset and thoughts to what happens next, tho.

  5. x) I’ve just recently started reading Moonlight on fictionpress (Loving it) and I finally caught up. It’d be great to see parts of chap 28 in Charias’ POV, if possible.

  6. I read in your comments that you would consider writing a sequel to both Broken Wings and Moonlight from Zaiden’s point of view. I think that would be as much political thriller as erotic novel because being the most important relative of the Fire Mage is as much a part of Zaiden’s character and actions as his own.

    I can’t help but wonder what would happen if Gramps decided enough is enough at Alyrawood and came down on all of them. The administration, Zaiden, Akitra, Jak, and Maika. All of this to protect Zaiden but discipline him too. I can’t help but wonder how this would begin let alone end. A man of his power could hardly show up at Alyrawood but his agent could. What office would he hold, what powers would he wield, what attitude would he possess towards his assignment, what would he think of Zaiden and the rest?

    This would certainly allow a broader canvas. I can’t help wonder more about the nature of the universe you have created. Things that go beyond what has been discussed. It’s politics, culture, history. What do weres, vampires, mages and fairies generally do after graduating from Alyrawood? It would seem Jak wants a medical career, Maika seems destined for a political career, but of Akitra I simply have no idea.

    Maika, for example, may prove to be a source of resistance to the Fire Mage. He is the son of an important politician on his home world. But that politician appears to have been disgraced so there would appear to be difficulties in appealing to that source of power. I wonder if it is even safe for him to go home considering what the mob did to him.

    You have spent a great deal of ink getting Jak, Maika, and Akitra together. I can’t help wondering how they
    will work together when confronted by an external antagonist. I would expect both internal and external fireworks from the three as the story unfolds. Will they be more strongly united or disunited by the end?

    As for eroticism I have long wondered what the faculty are doing in this hotbed of passion behind closed doors. I can’t imagine they are celibate. After all the faculty may be older but they must come from similar backgrounds, wouldn’t they? Or would they?

    Best wishes in writing a novel from Zaiden’s point of view, but it occurs to me that it need not be just from his point of view. Multiple points of view should certainly be considered.

    • You should totally do that! I thought about that too! I mean not that far ahead but like would the threesome work and Zaiden who is interesting but a jerkass. I am honestly skeptical of any threesome relations and since Zaiden is the only mage, he’s probably under a lot of pressure and I really want to know what makes those people tick!

  7. So, I’ve been re-reading some Broken Wings chapter looking at what Jak was up to around the time of the current chapters of Moonlight and I ran across another Akitra POV that would be interesting…..chapter 54 when Jak takes Akitra the 2nd dose of the potion in advance of there agreement Jak walks out without hearing Akitra out. It would be interesting to see what was going through his head…and what, if anything, his roommate had to say.

    BTW, I’m loving the alternate POVs so far, they really add a new dimension to the AL U verse.

    Oh, and anything from the RA’s POV might be interesting, perhaps the whole Zaiden setting her up thing…or even her take on Jak’s final set up of Zaiden.

  8. Okay, so first of all, I have to say I’m a really huge fan of your world building. 🙂 It has a lot of intricacy, but still draws from other bases of mythology and stories, and I think the cultural aspects you’ve developed are especially interesting. (Sorry, irrelevant, but I just wanted to say it. I mean, you created your own language for god’s sake. Like, damn woman.)

    Alright, so, I know you’re probably busy writing everything all the time and try to work out the kinks in moonlight you said you’d run into, so I understand if you’re still not doing the alternate points of view pieces, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. I’m a really big fan of Charias, and would love anything from his point of view (half because I want to know what he’s thinking and half because I love Shessikea’s inputs like nothing else, haha), but especially his and Izeri’s first swimming scene, the scene in the bathroom after the party and vampire horse debacle, and Izeri and Charias in the forest for their Bio assignment. (Especially the morning on that one. I feel a little strange asking for that one, but it was pretty funny from Izeri’s perspective and I think it would be good from Charias’, especially if Shessikea tried to ‘encourage’ him.) One last scene I thought would be interesting would be Akitra with Jak’s jacket, when he decides to give him his wings.

    I’m sorry this so long! If you dont do any of these, that’s okay, but here’s me hoping that maybe one will spark your interest. Good luck with the rest of Moonlight. (And any other stories you create, for that matter.)

    • Thanks the ideas! I have been pretty busy, but I’d love to do some, if not all, of these scenes eventually, especially Charias and Izeri sleeping in the woods. I can just imagine Shessikea’s contributions, lol!

  9. I really loved MAGEBOUND, and have been hoping to finally read the sequel, SPELLWROUGHT. There hasn’t been any mention of it in quite a while. Any chance it will appear?

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed Magebound. ^_^ I will be re-publishing Magebound mid-2014 and am hoping to have Spellwrought out three to six months after that. I know it’s been a long wait, but since I have decided to self-publish, this is one project that do not want to rush through, and I want to make certain that I know what I’m doing before I get started.

      Thanks for the comment! ^_^

  10. Hey there, I had been reading your CYOA story Labyrinth of Lust and was wondering if you planned to continue working on it. I really like the premise and the (potential, since theyre unfinished) choices given and would love to read more! Since its still mainly incomplete I was wondering if you were open to suggestions as well. Feel free to email me a response at your leisure.

    Thanks a lot for your time.

  11. I would love it if you could write a sequel to Broken Wings that continues to focus from Jak’s POV about his relationship with Maika and Akitra. I want to know how they manage their secret relationship, and I’d love to know if anyone finds out about them and what happens because of it. Most of all I want to see how their relationship progresses, what issues they still have to face at school, how Zaiden finally get’s caught but not before spreading more of his manipulative evil and how that effects Maika, Akitra, Jak, Izeri, and Charias. I think the story should center on Jak and his relationship with both Maika and Akitra but I still want Izeri and Charias to remain a part of the picture. Maybe Izeri and Charias or just Izeri can walk in to Maika and Jak’s room looking for Jak but finding him in the middle of being pleasured or pleasuring both Maika and Akitra. I’d like to see their reactions when they realize a very stunned Izeri has gone unnoticed for an unknown amount of time while the three of them took pleasure in each others bodies–not to mention Izeri’s reaction as this would be how he finds out why Jak has been avoiding topics regarding Maika and Akitra ever since the lunch where he was clearly sad and uncomfortable with being left out of a relationship between Maika and Akitra if they got together. I want to see Charias open up more and get a bit more of a glimpse of his relationship with Izeri. I also want to know what ends up happening to Professor Dark? Was he just a professor surrounded by ugly rumors with an inability to word things correctly? I want to know what his obviously odd actions and words mean and whether that would cause more trouble for the threesome seeing as how Professor Dark seems to have taken a liking to him? I want to see the RA catch Zaiden somehow maybe with something small that turns out to be the catalyst or a small part of a bigger plot. Oh and I want to see a little more of Shae, the Earth vampire, maybe a side story on him, but possibly a bit more in a sequel on a budding but still rocky sort of friendship with Jak and Izeri, though I wouldn’t know about giving him a main role.

    • Wow, you have some great ideas there, and some great questions. I don’t think I’ll be making a direct sequel to Broken Wings, although Moonlight is a sort-of sequel, and will answer many of your questions. I won’t tell you which ones, though 😉

  12. It would be just great if Zaiden’s POV showed us that everything is not what it seems. IMHO It’d be really a challenge to turn the tables now. And I’m not so interested in other characters as Zaiden himself. Maybe he’s not so bad in the end?

    • If I ever find time to do Zaiden’s POV, you’re right – not everything is as it seems. I don’t know if I could completely turn the tables and make him a hero or whatever, but he’s a far more sympathetic character than he appears. I can’t say too much, because I would like to write his story one day, but his actions are motivated by fear more than any actual malice, and when given the chance to have a real and loving relationship with someone, he may change enough to earn his own happy ending. Or he might screw it up and be miserable for the rest of his life, I haven’t decided. Lol 🙂

  13. I think you should make it miserable with a hopeful sequel hook, don’t know the right word for it but I think you should have him screw up with an ambiguous possible happy ending. Maybe you should make him have a previous grudge against Maika or Akitra but neither of them remembers since it happened so long ago. I was really surprise that it was that crossdressing faerie that he likes, it’s always the last you expect.

  14. Hello Katica,

    I have just read the four books of the Suburban Fantasy serie and would have liked more of it. Hopefully you still have interest to continue writing the serie? Possibly you could the Vampire Deveraux and the Truth Faerie bring together (would be interesting to see who is the more dominant of the two ;)) ) or Julian could meet his granddaughter or it comes out that he is not dead and must face the Master Vampire 🙂 or julian and simon get trouble with the council.

    • Hello,
      I’m glad you enjoyed my Suburban Fantasy series. I do have plans for more books (including one where the Master Vampire makes an appearance), however I’m trying to get all of my backlisted books republished, since I’m no longer with a publisher, and it’s taking longer than I had expected. I’m also contemplating some changes to the first four books, specifically to the first, since a lot of the feedback I received when it was published was that people didn’t like the end of the first book, since it wasn’t a Happily Ever After ending. Not sure if I will, but it is something I’m thinking about.

      Thanks again for the comment! ^_^

  15. Hello Katica

    Thanks for your answer. I’m so happy that you’re planning on continue the series 🙂 and because of the not HEA ending, I loved the first Book even more.
    I mean, if you find out you have a vampire as a neighbor, that vampires really exist, who would not go crazy? it must not always be immediately a peace, joy, and pancake (saying in our country). But you have to decide, it’s your story.
    I wish you good luck for your republishing. I can hardly wait. 😀

  16. Hi :),
    I’d like seeing how Sticky and Xakryn’s relationship turns out. I’ve been interested in those two from the beginning. 🙂
    Will Schaff ever meet anyone? I’ve always thought Kivixl would be a good match, even though they’re both machirans. XD
    I’d also be interested in seeing more of Vaelen and Jan’s relationship. Those two are so cute.
    Keep up the good work!!! 😀

    • I do have a short story/novella planned and outlined detailing Sticky and Xakryn’s relationship, which I’ll probably write after I’ve finished with ‘Moonlight’.
      Schaff has some serious unrequited feelings for someone in the book, and will develop feelings for someone else (not to be too vague, but I don’t want to give too much away! Lol)
      I am planning to write a story about Jan and Vaelen, either to include at the end of ‘Memoryache’ (Book 3) or on its own.
      Thanks so much! ^_^

      • Aw, you tease!!! Lol 🙂
        Were you also planning on doing a story on Taerith and Tessex? Not to load you down with ideas, but I’m really interested in those two too. XD
        Also, where can I buy your Suburban Fantasy series? I really wanna read it, but I’m not sure where I can find it. XD

      • I know! Sorry ^_^
        I actually have a short story written about Taerith and Tessex, I just can’t decide what to do with it. I was planning to save it and publish it as the bonus story at the back of Moonlight, but I’m also thinking about making a collection of shorts about the minor characters from Alyrrawood, or I might just put it out there for free as promotional material for my other books. I can’t decide.

        Unfortunately, my Suburban Fantasy series is not available at this time. I’m hoping to get them re-published sometime this year, maybe over the summer.

  17. I vote on doing a collection of shorts. 😀
    P.S. Love the new chapter of Moonlight. I feel so bad for Izeri and Charias both. I can’t wait to see how their relationship progresses. 🙂

  18. So I’m pretty new to the your books, but I just binged read Broken Wings, Moonlight, and all the shorts that go with it. I think one of my favorites couples has to be Professor Xakryn and Stickyfingers. You should totally do a short story of some kind about how they get together.

    • Thanks for the comment; I’m glad you enjoyed the stories. I do have plans to write short stories/novellas about Sticky and Xakryn, and several other minor characters, to help tie up a lot of the loose ends that don’t get fully resolved in either Broken Wings or Moonlight. It’s just a matter of finding the time >_<

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