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Free Fiction Friday – Space Slut – Ch. 2   Leave a comment

The Remarkable Sexploits of a Reluctant Space Slut – Ch. 2

Captain Mark charms his way into Kateri’s pants.
4,000 words; Warnings: m/m sexual content, coercion, reluctance, non-con


March Update :)   5 comments

Hello all! I was going to wait to do a March update until closer to the end of the month, but I found something amazing today and I wanted to share. Plus, I have some writing-related stuff to talk about, too. 🙂

I was having lunch with my mother and her sister, and we had some time to kill before my aunt had to meet a friend, so we went to a thrift store. We go to thrift stories a lot, but I’ve been trying to cut back, save money, and I really don’t have room for any more stuffed animals (my usual guilty pleasure). I wasn’t looking to buy anything, just wandering around and looking at stuff, and I found a Windstone Editions fledgling dragon figurine in retired Peacock colors. Just like this one:

I grabbed it and cradled it to my chest, then hurried off to my show my aunt and mother. I could hardly talk, but I told them I thought – from what I could remember – that the smaller figurines sold in stores for at least $60, and this one had a $9.99 price tag on it. Normally, I don’t buy anything over $.99 or maybe $1.99 (big spender here, lol), but there was no way I could put it back. My hands were shaking and I nearly cried.

See, ever since I started writing when I was ten, I wanted to be an author, and every time I went to the local mall where there was a little curio and smoke shop that sold Windstone dragons, I told myself that if I ever got a book published, I’d spend my first royalty check on a dragon. Almost twenty years later, Magebound got published. I even looked through the Windstone website to decide which one I would get. I can’t remember for sure, but I think I decided on a Peacock fledgling.

And then the economy went to hell and my family needed every cent of my book money just to keep afloat, and when things finally started turning around for us, both of my publishers decided to stop being publishers, so I pretty much gave up on ever having a dragon. And today I find one at a thrift store. He’s got a little chip on the back of one wing, but when he’s facing you, you can’t even see it. He’s so beautiful, and I know that the person who donated it will never read this blog post, but if by some miracle they ever do, I want them to know that they made a lifelong dream come true today. Thank you.

Okay, onto something more relevant. 🙂 While my mother, my aunt, and I were having lunch, we were discussing our trip to Michigan, which apparently is not as impossible as I believed. My grandmother has offered to loan us some of the money and then we can pay her back. We still need to come up with about $500, and I’ve got about $200 of that, so it looks like we’re heading cross-country after all! I’m an eternal pessimist, however, and won’t believe it until it happens, but there’s some more good news. ^_^

As far as writing is concerned, I’ve been having some problems with Moonlight, but I think I’m working them out. Izeri was undergoing a severe personality disorder, but I think I exorcised the demons and we’ll be all right now. 🙂

I quit working on the Winter/Spring trio of short stories. I just wasn’t liking the voice I had for the one I was working on, and the muses just weren’t into it. They’ve been clamoring for dragon porn (which is another reason why finding my dragon is so amazing). I have an overabundance of ideas right now, which I discussed over on Tumblr yesterday as part of WIP Wednesday, and the hardest thing is deciding which of them to write first.

Copied from Tumblr:

Right now, I have ideas for a dragon trio – three short stories bundled together for sale on Smashwords. One about a traditional fairytale dragon who kidnaps princesses and holds them for ransom, who grabs a crossdressing prince and the two hit it off. One about a young man who finds an injured dragon in an abandoned subway tunnel and nurses him back to health, and they hit it off. And one about a sea dragon who rescues a drowning sailor and they – guess what? – hit it off.

And then I’m working on outlining a novel based off the ideas I came up with when writing my epically weird Person of Interest fanfic/dragon story. Basically, a dragon needs to find a mate, finds a willing human, they fall in love, human turns into a dragon, learns how to be a dragon, with some weird hermaphrodite/m-preg stuff thrown in. Not too weird, just boy dragons laying eggs, is all. ^_^

And I have an idea for a short story that I might post on my website, where bandits capture a young man and use him for dragon-bait.

And (I told you I had a flood of ideas) I have an idea for a story about nagas (snake people) where a human science outpost is raided by a group of nagas and the humans are captured and treated like spoils of war, but one of them forms a bond with his naga master and they hit it off.

I think I’m going to do the Dragon Bait story first, since it’ll be posted on the website. Gotta love Free Fiction Fridays! ^_^ Speaking of FFF, after this week, I’m going to switch to an every-other-week schedule, just like I do for Moonlight. So one week I’ll post Moonlight, and the next week I’ll post a FFF story. Hopefully, this will give me time to work on longer projects and produce some better quality work. I’ve noticed a lot of typos are slipping by me.

Well, hell. 😦 While I was typing up this update, our washing machine suddenly stopped working and now makes a horrible, loud clicking sound instead of agitating or draining. Maybe we’re not supposed to go to Michigan. Grrr. No. We’re going. I’m just…gah!

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday, so I’ll be posting a story later tonight. I’ve got another chapter of Space Slut for you, where Captain Mark charms his way into Kateri’s pants.

I know it was a long one, but thank you for reading! I appreciate it. ^_^

Until next time!

Free Fiction Friday – Compassion   Leave a comment


Akitra grounds Jak after the party – from Akitra’s POV
4200 words; Warnings: M/M sexual content

Free Fiction Friday – The Big Hunt   Leave a comment

Author’s Note: New story, a bit different this time. I’m working on a new world with a new species, so I’d appreciate any feedback you feel like giving. Assuming I can find the time, I’d like to write a novel featuring these creatures, so I’d like to hear what works and what doesn’t. And just to warn you, there is a bit of M/F romance in this. Weird, I know! 😛

The Big Hunt