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Unfortunately, I’m in the process of independently publishing many of my titles, which makes them currently ‘out of print’ and unavailable.

New Release


Spellwrought (Book 2)

“There is no such thing as evil magic, there are only evil mages.”

As Lark delves deeper into his master’s past, he can’t deny that Sactaren has committed his share of atrocities, but a man’s past does not dictate his future, does it?

Status: Available



Magebound (Book 1)

Fantasy that defies convention. Romance that ignores boundaries. A story that speaks to the heart of humanity. Magebound begins an epic journey, not to save a universe, but to heal one man’s broken soul.

Status: Available



Long Winter’s End

Can Myrran redeem his people and bring an end to a year-long winter? Explicit sexual content, M/M, holiday themed.

Status: Available



Christmas Confessions – Dragon Lover

On a night of magic and miracles, two soul mates discover the power of unconditional love and acceptance. Explicit sexual content, M/M, dragon/human.

Status: Available



Faerie Christmas

The lives of two men – one a lonely werecougar, the other an abused faerie slave – intersect unexpectedly thanks to a spur-of-the-moment Christmas gift. One wants to go home, the other wants a Master to love him; can they both find what they seek in each other, or will cultural differences keep them apart? Explicit sexual content, M/M.

Status: Available



Broken Wings

In this erotic gay fantasy novel, Jakil LeMae arrives at Alyrrawood University, the prestigious all male school for mages, vampires, faeries, and werefolk. If a suicidal faerie and a homicidal wereshark aren’t bad enough, the school is rumored to be cursed, and if the monsters in the mist don’t kill Jak, a certain lust faerie might. Explicit sexual content, M/M and M/M/M, and self-harm.

Status: Available




Can an incubus and a sexsomniac build a relationship based on sex and secrets? Explicit sexual content, M/M, dubious consent, and brief non-consensual acts.

Status: Available



Posted June 7, 2011 by katicalocke

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  1. I really like Broken Wings and I was wondering if you would ever publish it in paper format?

  2. How about Smashwords? Would really appreciate an ebook of Magebound!

  3. Hello,
    I’ve bought all the books list here on the page and was wondering if you had anymore?
    I love your stories. if you have more could you send me the information at
    thanks and please keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Found Moonlight on AFF, but it looks abandoned… Are you still writing it? I want to read, but if it’s abandoned, that’s something I know myself well enough to not do. I can’t put myself through anymore abandoned stories, especially ones I already know I’ll love, so… I DID leave a review via AFF with my e-mail address asking if you’re still working on it, but I feel the need to try here, too. You still writing??

  5. Hello, I’m a fan of your published novels. I was wondering why only six of your books are available? (I’m aware of at least one more that I can no longer find a trace of.) I’m also wondering if there’s anyway to get a physical copy of your novels?

    • Hello, I’m glad you enjoy my work. After both of my publishers decided to quit for various personal reasons, I decided to go the route of independent publishing. I like having complete control of my books, but it also means a lot of work, so I haven’t been able to re-publish all of my back-list of books, but I’m working on it.

      Currently, two of my novels are for sale in paperback – Broken Wings and Breach. There are links to places to buy them on their respective pages. I’m also working on putting Magebound back into print and may have it available as soon as next week.

      Thanks for the comment! ^_^

  6. Hey, I was just wondering if there’s any possibility to access the existing part of Spellwrought, like I can read Moonlight.
    After I read all your books, it’s hard to bridge weeks and months for your next updates -.-

    • Sorry, but none of the Magebound books are currently available online in any form. I had to take them down when I had them under contract, and I don’t think I’ll be putting them back, just in case they attract the attention of another publisher. I like being an indie author/publisher and am not actively looking for a traditional publisher, but I might consider it if one approached me. Anyway, I apologize for the long waits between updates. I wish I could write faster! 😀

  7. are you ever going to publish that one fiction with the music fae and the goblin prince? I loved it.

    • That one is ‘Slave to the Crown’ and yes, I plan to republish it, hopefully some time this year. I’m currently working on releasing a new novel, and then I’ll get busy on re-releasing more of my backlist. I’m glad you liked it! ^_^

  8. Hi Katica,
    I really like your books. You wrote in Spellwrought that the next book would be availible this year, but in june you wrote you probably needed more time. Which ist totaly fine by me…. (well it is not, in truth it is hard, but I know a good book takes it time and that there are some things you can’t rush, so I will be adult and quit whining). So straight to the question: Are there any news about your progress?

    Best wishes

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