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Moonlight Monday 11/24/14   1 comment

Author’s Note: Blech, got a cold. Almost didn’t the chapter finished and almost forgot to post. Hope you enjoy, I’m off to bed! ^_^

See you in two weeks!

Moonlight Ch. 50


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Moonlight Monday 11/10/14   Leave a comment

Author’s Note: Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a great day. ^_^

It wasn’t easy, but I’m back again with another chapter. Go me!

I also decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year. Things are just too hectic and at day 7, I had a mere 2,573 words. Pitiful. I have more now, after finishing this chapter, but I’m still woefully behind. Most of my free time has been stolen by preparations for this year’s Sugar Plum Festival, where my mother, my grandmother, my two aunts, and I sell our crafts, so I’ve been sewing animal-eared hats until my fingers bleed, lol. (No, really, I’m clumsy and stick myself quite often.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter and I’ll see you again on Nov. 24th!

Moonlight Ch. 49

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Faux-Fur Animal-Eared Hats For Sale   1 comment

Hello, everybody! Don’t worry, I’ve got a Moonlight Monday update coming up in a few hours, but first something a little different.

I wanted to share a new page on my website, where I will be selling my fake-fur animal-eared hats that I make. Animal-Eared Hats For Sale

My father is currently unemployed, one of the hazards of having a seasonal job in a state where it rains nine months of the year, so my family is struggling a little with bills, and I thought if anyone was interested, this was a great time of year to try to sell my hats. Cold weather is coming, and so is Christmas! They’re super warm and adorable, and I’d appreciate it if you checked out the page.


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