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I’m going to try to post an update every month (even if I have nothing worth saying, lol)  so you don’t think I vanished again. ^_^ Still no word on Spellwrought, although I did get paid my quarterly royalties for Magebound. That’s one thing they have always been extremely good at — paying on time and in full.

I’m still working on my epic Person of Interest fanfic, but it’s almost finished. I have one more chapter of the ‘story’ and then a two chapter epilogue for the smexy finale. I have to write it like that because someone reported one of my fics on FFN as having content that “exceeded the M rating”. They were right, it was a smutty one-shot, but seriously? Most of the stories posted with an M rating exceed it. Anyway, the story was deleted and my posting privileges were suspended for three days, so now I post the clean stuff on FFN and put the good stuff on my WordPress.

I am considering doing NaNoWriMo, and if I do, I’ll work on trying to finish Moonlight, but November looks to be a busy month for me. I’ll most likely be dog-sitting for the first week of November, so that will eat up time. Then, my family is planning a craft sale, which I would have to help tend, and I’d be pressured into making crafty things during my free time in order to stock the sale. (More about my crafty things later.) Of course, there’s Thanksgiving, which is a wasted day spent with family (wasted for writing, I mean. I love my family ^_^) and my birthday is in there somewhere. So I’m not sure if I’ll have the time, but maybe I’ll try anyway.

Now, about my crafty things. I have recently started making furry hoods/hats with animal ears on them. They look a little like this:

This image belongs to fairysari on, which is where I got the basic pattern for the hood. I made some alterations to mine, making the ears smaller and without the accent fur inside, different cord, different pom-poms, made rounded ears for a few, things like that. They’re wonderfully warm, which is great since I have an hour of recess duty each day, and they’re so fun! I hope to sell them at the two craft sales we have coming up. So far, I’ve made a gray wolf, black wolf, arctic fox, red fox, red fox w/black ears, raccoon, panda, and snow leopard, and I’m working on a tiger, wildcat, and skunk.

I’m loving my job at my new school. Before I went off the radar, I had mentioned that the school district was closing the school where I worked. It was small and 87 years old, and they felt it would be better to combine two small, old schools into one big, newer school. Now, we have almost three times as many students and staff in a huge building. Since everything is new, we’re learning through trial by fire, changing and adapting as problems arise. So far, nothing works quite like we’d like it, but we get closer every day. Next month, we’re going to have our schedules rearranged, which sucks since I was finally getting used to the one I have, but if I’m lucky, they’ll bump my hours back a little later, so I can sleep in more, lol. I am not a morning person. XD
Anyway, that’s about it. I’ll let you know if I decide to do NaNoWriMo.


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