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Posted January 31, 2013 by katicalocke

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  1. I love the world you created in Broken Wings and Moonlight. My friend and I actually started a onexone rp based on it (your version of werefolk and faerie culture was to tempting). I love fantasy stories because of how intricate they are and how authors come up with entire mythos and cultures for all there species. Its really interesting to me and you did it well.

  2. Will Magebound be available in ebook anytime in the future? Thanks.

    • I think so. I’m trying to decide if I should try to get another publisher, or just self-publish Magebound on Smashwords, but either way, it will be in e-book format. Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation 🙂

  3. Don’t rewrite Magebound. Start something new. I would like to see the once proposed sequel to Broken Wings from Zaiden’s point of view, or better, from multiple points of view. The universe here is fascinating and I would like to see more of it. Do Jak, Maika and Akitra need to explain anything to their respective families or avoid doing so? Does Zaiden have a deliciously evil revenge to foil. Go on! Go on!

    • Hmm, you do make a good point. I already have more new story ideas than I could ever find time to write, so rewriting an already finished story might be a waste of time that could be spent exploring new territory. But I hate the thought of publishing Magebound knowing it’s not as good as I could make it.

      Yes, exploring those issues would make a good story, but even if I don’t rewrite Magebound, I’m in the middle of Moonlight, so another Alyrrawood University novel would have to wait. And did you know that all of my books are set in the same universe? Even Magebound and Broken Wings. Jak is Lord Sactaren’s great-great-great-nephew.

      Thanks for the comment! I will definitely keep your ideas in mind. 🙂

  4. Just a bit of a prompt. I am wondering if you are planning to retire from the field? You have not been around for awhile.

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