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Here is an alphabetical listing of the unusual and made-up creatures in my worlds. I have so many, I’m sure I forgot some, so let me know if you remember on that isn’t listed.

Barbed Hautfish
Found in the rivers of Eshaedra, this freshwater fish has poisonous spines, but is considered by many to be a delicacy. From Breach.

Blue Sand Shark
Found off the coast of Alyrrawood University, this is one of the sharks Izeri finds pinned to his dorm room door in Moonlight.

A relative of the chupacabra, the cabrada is a common fey housepet with coarse fur, thick scales, and a musky odor. Izeri has a cabrada named Tanuki in Moonlight.

Cat-eye Shark
Named for the vertical pupils in its eyes, this shark is common throughout cool-water oceans on several worlds. Mentioned in Moonlight.

Mentioned in Moonlight, this predator preys upon wild goats, pigs, and deer, drinking the blood and leaving the carcasses behind.

Common Dusk Shark
A small, harmless shark found off the coast of Alyrrawood University, it is mostly nocturnal, it’s dark skin providing camouflage in nighttime waters. Mentioned in Moonlight.

Mentioned in Moonlight, this common fish is frequently dissected in high school science and biology classes.

Faerie Squirrel
A tiny white squirrel no longer than a man’s hand, it can glide from tree to tree using flaps of loose skin stretched between its front and back legs. From Moonlight.

Mentioned in Moonlight, this massive, slow-moving herbivore has skin as hard as stone and is often mistaken for a large rock formation.

Harlequin Lion
The size of a cougar or mountain lion, this large cat is named for the distinctive black and white pattern of its coat. From Empathetic Magic.

Kalgaxian Moa
Mentioned in Moonlight and appearing in Breach: Honeymoon, this heavy-bodied, flightless bird stands eight to ten feet tall.

Kalgaxian River Otter
Often poached for their thick, sleek blue-gray fur, this playful otter feeds primarily on freshwater shellfish. From Magebound 4.

Kalgaxian Tipsid Shrimp
Featured in Breach, these shrimp can survive long periods of drought, which makes them an excellent non-perishable live bait.

A large, brown or gray subspecies of squirrel often hunted for food in smaller, frontier towns. Mentioned in Breach.

A six-legged rodent with no vocal chords, they communicate with each other through sign language. Featured in Magebound and mentioned in Moonlight.

This small, silver or blue furred creature is a treasured pet of faerie royalty, spending the first 1/3 of their life as a ball of fuzz before pupating into a tiny kitten with butterfly wings. From A Crash-course in Kinsa-sitting.

Latoran’s Ground-dwelling Spider
From Moonlight, this massive arachnid preys upon small birds and mammals, with a bite poisonous enough to kill a man.

Leviathan Whale
An enormous toothed whale, it preys upon giant squid, sea dragons, and even adult serpentine dragons. Mentioned in Moonlight.

Maltese Tiger
Native to snowy, alpine forests, the distinctive blue-gray stripes help this large cat blend into its surroundings. From Broken Wings and Moonlight.

Navy Sea Snail
Found off the coast of Alyrrawood University, this algae-eating mollusk can grow to an inch in diameter, and its shell is frequently used in inexpensive jewelry. From Moonlight.

The largest known bird that has ever lived, a single wing feather can measure ten feet in length and eighteen inches across. Mentioned in Moonlight.

Sea Dragon
A generic term that describes dozens of species, sea dragons inhabit all water biomes, from the deepest ocean trenches to boiling hydrothermic pools. Mentioned in The Sea Scorpion.

Featured in several books, this predatory equine is one of the most feared creatures in the universe. Read the article.

Sleep of Death Shark
Also known as sash’len ni omba (sas-eeh-len nee aum-bah), the barbs on this shark carry a paralyzing toxin capable of putting a human in a six-week coma. From Moonlight.

Terrestrial Forest Dragon
A non-sentient species of dragon, they lack wings and fill the same niche as a wolf pack, preying upon deer, elk, unicorn foals, and small game.

Tessarsan Caribou
A sturdy, arctic deer native to southern Eshaedra, they are valued by the southern peoples for food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Mentioned in Breach.

A beautiful, elegant equine with a single spiral horn, they come in many color variations and possess healing magic, but cannot heal themselves, which is why they are rarely seen alone. Mentioned in several stories.

There are many species of this small, winged dragon that fill the same niches as pigeons, hawks, and scavengers. Mentioned in several stories.


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