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Chapter 73

Jak was thirsty, his throat dry when he tried to swallow. What was going on? Where was he? He tried to look around, but his head, his eyelids, were too heavy to lift. It was a monumental effort just to open his mouth, his tongue feeling covered in lint as he tried to wet his lips. He tried to speak, but all that came out was a raspy moan.

“Jak?” The voice was familiar, a warm hand touching his face…Akitra! He suddenly remembered the darkness pulling him down, Akitra’s voice, the warmth of his hand–“Jak, can you hear me?” A wave of disappointment washed over him. It wasn’t Akitra, it was Izeri.

“I…Iz…eri?” he managed to whisper. It felt like he had sand in his throat.

“Thank the gods,” Izeri said, and Jak felt warm lips press against his forehead. “We thought you’d never wake up.” Slowly, Jak forced his eyes open, the bright lights hurting his head, making his eyes water. He squeezed them shut again.

“Wh…what happened?” he asked. All he could remember was Akitra’s face, Akitra’s voice. “Akitra?”

“He’s…he’s here, Jak,” Izeri said, for some reason sounding confused. “You don’t remember what happened?” Jak shook his head, just the slightest movement sending splintering pain racing down his neck, a wave of dizziness and nausea washing over him. “Maika said you were…you were having sex and you healed his wings.” Maika. Jak remembered. Maika, inside him, Maika holding him, Maika whispering I love you in his ear. “The doctor said you used high magic,” Izeri continued. “You’ve been in a coma, Jak. You’re in the infirmary.”

“How long?” Jak whispered. It was getting easier to speak and the light wasn’t quite as bright when he tried to open his eyes again. He couldn’t focus, staring up at the two faceless figures leaning over him, one dark and silver, one tan and white-gold. Izeri hesitated, Jak’s unease growing as the silence dragged on. “Izeri?” He could hear the panic in his own voice.

“Nineteen days.” That was Charias, not Izeri. “Almost two and a half weeks.”

“Weeks?” Jak repeated, hoping he had misheard. “That–That’s not–It should have been a couple of days.”

“The doctor said it’s a miracle you survived at all,” Izeri said, his voice thick with tears. “You didn’t just get rid of his scars, you regenerated the delicate organs in his wings with nothing more than a stupid healing rune. You’re lucky you’re not dead.” Jak closed his eyes, feeling a tightness form in his chest. He had known it would be bad, but his love, it was so strong…it was probably all that had saved him.

“Did it work?” he asked finally, blinking hard, his vision dancing in and out of focus before settling on a slightly blurry version of Charias with his arms wrapped comfortingly around Izeri. “Have you seen his wings?” Izeri opened his mouth, but the answer came from across the room.

“Everyone has seen his wings, Jak.”

“Akitra, go away,” Izeri said, shooting a cold look past the foot of Jak’s bed.

“No,” Jak said. “Let him stay.” Akitra stayed with him, after all. “What were you doing there?” he asked, wincing as he raised his head, directing the question at Akitra. “How did you know?” Out of the corner of his eye, he watched a shadow with purple hair step away from the far wall and move to the foot of his bed. Jak let his head fall back against the pillow, the blood pounding in his ears from even that small effort.

“Maika got me,” Akitra said. “He didn’t want you to be alone while he ran to the infirmary for help.” That made sense. Akitra’s room was just across the hall. Jak’s eyes moved from Izeri’s face to Charias, and then shifted to Akitra’s indistinct form, a hollowness suddenly forming in his chest.

“Where is he?” he asked in a small voice. Both Izeri and Charias glanced toward Akitra, and then Izeri stepped closer and took Jak’s hand, giving it a gently squeeze that Jak was helpless to return.

“We’ll go tell him you’re awake,” Izeri said. “Your parents will want to know, too.”

“My parents are here?” he asked and Izeri nodded.

“Your mother went to take a nap and your father went to get something to eat, since we were all here to watch you. We’ll be right back.” Jak watched them walk away, feeling his throat tighten with unshed tears.


“I’m still here,” Akitra said, but he stayed at the foot of the bed, just out of Jak’s sight. “Why did you do it?” Akitra asked after a moment. Jak drew a slow breath and let it out.

“I love him,” he said and Akitra made a scathing noise.

“Biggest mistake of your life,” he said. “And to think I actually blamed myself.”

“Is that why you said you were sorry?” Jak asked, frowning. “Why would you think–”

“Because I asked you to,” Akitra hissed between his teeth. “I asked you to heal him, but I didn’t know what he was. If I had known…but we both fucked up, and now we both have to pay the price.” Akitra wasn’t making any sense, and he was scaring Jak. Gathering all his strength, Jak raised his head, whimpering as the cold, electric pain shot down his neck, cutting like tiny knives into his back and shoulders.

At the foot of his bed, one long sleeve pushed up to his elbow, Akitra stared down at his arm, at the cuts, welts, and bruises that marred his usually pale, flawless skin. Jak drew a sharp breath, his body trembling from the effort of keeping his head up, and Akitra raised his head, quickly tugging his sleeve back down to hide his wounds. The bruises on his face, though, he couldn’t hide.

“What happened to you?” Jak asked, falling back against the bed with a muted cry. “Akitra, who hurt you?”

“Don’t bother, Jak,” Akitra said. “Don’t waste you time. If you knew, if you had any idea…” He trailed off and then Jak heard him step away from the bed. “Your friends and your family are here, so you won’t be needing me any more. Goodbye, Jak.”

“Akitra, wait–”

“Forget about me, Jak, and forget about Maika. He doesn’t love you. He doesn’t love anyone but himself now.” Jak listened to him walk away, his words sinking cold and heavy into the pit of Jak’s stomach. It couldn’t be true. Akitra was just being an asshole. A jealous asshole. Footsteps approached and Jak’s heart began to race.

“Maika?” he called, a hint of desperation creeping into his voice. “Maika?”

“He’s busy, Jak,” Izeri said. “He said he’d come see you as soon as he could.” Tears slipped free, rolling down Jak’s face. Akitra was right. What had Jak done?

He cried himself to sleep, waking in the dark with his mother dozing in a chair beside his bed. he watched her for a moment, then closed his eyes and tried to fall back asleep. He didn’t know what to say to her, how to explain himself. Loving a faerie who wouldn’t even come see him seemed a poor excuse. Tears slipped between his eyelids, sliding down his face to linger, cold and heavy, upon his skin.

Had Jak been wrong? Were Maika’s words only lies to placate him? He had been so sure, wrapped in Maika’s arms, Maika’s whisper echoing in his ear, but now…they were just words. If Maika meant them, then why wasn’t he here?

It was three days before Jak was strong enough to leave the infirmary. In all that time, he never saw Maika, and after the first day, he stopped asking if the faerie had come while he was asleep. Jak’s parents returned to their world and he returned to his room, finding a large stack of make-up work waiting on his desk, but no Maika.

Maika’s side of the room looked different, his bed unmade, his walls and ceiling plastered with posters and pages ripped from magazines, all of them featuring beautiful faeries in sexy outfits and provocative poses, with their wings glowing behind them. Jak stood a moment and stared, his eyes roving back and forth, and then with a sigh, he sank down onto the edge of his bed and grabbed his Language 101 test book, a thick stack of assignments tucked inside the front cover. The top paper was a note of well-wishes written in the professor’s spidery script.

“Nice of him,” Jak murmured to himself as he scooted father onto the bed and propped his pillow up between him and the wall. “Not giving me all this work would have been nicer, but…oh, well, I guess.”

He had completed nearly half of the language assignments when the dorm room door flew open, making him jump and sending the stack of loose papers sliding off his lap and onto the comforter beside him. He started to reach for them, but froze as Maika entered the room, his stomach sinking into the pit of his stomach as the horrific scene unfolded before his eyes.

The first and least upsetting thing that he noticed was Maika’s hair–his long, dark curtain of hair had been cropped short, feathered like Akitra’s, and spiked with gel. His skin sparkled with fine bronze glitter, his lips painted a dark, rich shade of cocoa, his eyes shadowed with silver and pale blue and lined in dark turquoise. He was gorgeous, dressed in tight white jeans and a sheer black tunic that hid nothing, especially the delicate, crescent-shaped wing ridges on his back, their fluted edges dancing with light, silver, sky blue, and bright teal flickering just beneath his skin.

He didn’t even glance at Jak, his attention focused on the two faeries that followed him. One was tall, his skin bronze, his hair sunshine yellow and pulled back in a thick braid that fell to his waist. The other was only about as tall as Izeri, his skin pale as milk, his short hair white as snow. He glanced at Jak, his blue eyes almost colorless, and then turned back to Maika, staring up at him in rapture, his hands reaching out, touching Maika’s arm, plucking at the front of his tunic.

With a condescending smirk, Maika shoved him away and turned to the tall faerie, sliding his hand up the other’s chest and cupping the back of his neck before grabbing the base of his braid and pulling him down for a rough kiss. The white-haired faerie moaned piteously, all but groveling at Maika’s feet. Jak stared, feeling sick to his stomach, but he couldn’t turn away.

Suddenly, Maika pulled away from the tall one and reached out, grabbing the short faerie by the chin and tilting his head back.

“You think you deserve me?” he asked, sneering into the faerie’s face. “A pathetic, useless iragh sidhe like you?” The little faerie trembled, hands clutching at the front of Maika’s shirt. Maika grabbed him by the back of his neck, stepping aside as he shoved him to his knees before the tall faerie. “Show me,” Maika purred, his hand suddenly gentle as he caressed the iragh sidhe’s face. “Prove that you’re worthy. Suck his cock.” Hands shaking, the white-haired sidhe moved to obey, grabbing the front of the other’s jeans and unbuttoning them.

“Wait–No–” the tall faerie said, grabbing the kneeling sidhe’s wrists, but Maika stepped toward him, standing over the iragh sidhe and reaching out, unzipping the blonde’s jeans himself and reaching inside his pants to pull out his cock. The tall faerie opened his mouth to protest, but Maika fixed him with a cold stare.

“How dare you?” Maika said, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and forcing him to take a step closer. “Who do you think you are? You think you’re good enough to tell me what to do?” The lights within his wing ridges flared, sending the faint image of butterfly wings flickering out through the sheer material, and the tall faerie cowered, making no move to resist as Maika fed his limp cock to the kneeling sidhe.

“Please,” the tall faerie whispered, his golden eyes wide in shock. “Please don’t–”

“I thought you wanted to be my pet,” Maika said, the hand gripping his shirt relaxing, sliding up to pinch a nipple through the cloth, making the color rise into his bronze face. “A good pet learns to obey his master. Isn’t that right, my pet?” His other hand moved to rest on the white-haired faerie’s head, who nodded as he sucked. “See? Now prove to me that you’re mine. Come in his mouth.” Jak felt cold as the tall faerie whimpered, a single tear cutting a track down his cheek. Maika was robbing him of his control, humiliating and degrading him, and for what? What the fuck was going on?

Barely a minute passed before the tall faerie cried out, his shoulders tensing as the kneeling faerie tried to swallow and choked, thick, white strings of semen running down his chin and dripping onto his shirt. Maika stepped back, his lip curling in disgust as he regarded the two faeries before him.

“You’ve certainly proved yourselves,” he said. “Now get out of my sight. You make me sick.”

“But- but–” the tall faerie stuttered, shoving himself back into his pants.

“But nothing,” Maika snapped, his wings flaring behind him again. “You’re disgusting and pathetic and I’ve had enough of you. Now get out!” Jak could only stare as they cowered and scurried out. Maika stalked across the room and slammed the door shut behind them before moving to the side of his bed and flopping down, staring up at the ceiling in silence.

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