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Alpha Spirit by Katica Locke

Bad luck is a matter of perspective – unless you’re Cody, a high-school senior with the worst luck in the world.

After accidentally hitting and killing a man with his car, Cody begins hearing a voice in head – a voice that insists he’s becoming a werewolf. Is he going crazy, or is something worse? Suddenly thrust into a hidden world of werewolves and pack politics, Cody struggles to keep his sanity…and his secret. Because someone is hunting werewolves and the danger might be closer than Cody can ever imagine.

Will Cody survive this unexpected change, or will outside forces tear his life apart?

Genre: M/M Werewolf Romance/Adventure

Chapter Index

Chapter One – The Accident
Chapter Two – Confrontation
Chapter Three – Nightmares
Chapter Four – Broken
Chapter Five – Confession
Chapter Six – Therapy
Chapter Seven – Voices
Chapter Eight – Silverpaws
Chapter Nine – What Now?
Chapter Ten – Stalker

Chapter Eleven – Stranded
Chapter Twelve – Awkward
Chapter Thirteen – The Pack
Chapter Fourteen – Darkness
Chapter Fifteen – So Many Questions
Chapter Sixteen – Animal Instincts
Chapter Seventeen – The Mechanics of Being a Werewolf
Chapter Eighteen – Contamination
Chapter Nineteen – Just Friends
Chapter Twenty – Best Laid Plans

Chapter Twenty-One – Fear of Falling
Chapter Twenty-Two – The Werewolf Flu
Chapter Twenty-Three – Confessions in the Dark
Chapter Twenty-Four – Ice Cream at 3 a.m.
Chapter Twenty-Five – A Huntsman Spy
Chapter Twenty-Six – A Different Kind of Horror Movie
Chapter Twenty-Seven – Only the Paranoid Survive
Chapter Twenty-Eight – Don’t Drink the Kool-aid
Chapter Twenty-Nine – Social Creatures
Chapter Thirty – Fighting the Wolf

Chapter Thirty-One — The First Shift
Chapter Thirty-Two — Animal Instincts
Chapter Thirty-Three — The White Wolf
Chapter Thirty-Four — Stuck
Chapter Thirty-Five — Communication Issues
Chapter Thirty-Six — Spending the Night
Chapter Thirty-Seven — Wolf Slobber
Chapter Thirty-Eight — A Matter of Perspective
Chapter Thirty-Nine — Promise Me    On Hold


Posted April 24, 2015 by katicalocke

15 responses to “Alpha Spirit

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  1. ^_^

  2. I think I’m hooked can’t wait til next post

  3. Actually, the story seems a bit predictable. Something like boy becomes werewolf. Crush of his life who will not look at him takes an interest. Why? Because the crush is a were something. Boy is now a member of the club and so has a chance.

    Actually, the thing about this story that is most interesting to me is the closer look at the Huntsmen and their ghost hounds that could come. From the first chapter it appears a ghost hound was pacing about the feet of the dour Huntsman standing in the rain observing the accident. This, I believe, is your first near closeup of a spirit creature which does not have the were property. That is, to survive it must occupy a material body.

    A ghost hound implies a ghost world. One wonders where they come from. What do they eat when they are not eating weres? What kind of world has a spirit ecology? How did the Huntsmen became involved with them when they so hate other spirit beings such as weres?

    In a way I believe you have already done this story with a certain were cougar who ended up on Nethmalon with a certain faerie. I am almost certainly ahead of myself suggesting you are rewriting that story with a pair of werewolves but if you are you might consider shifting the love interest or offer a competitive suitor in the form of a Huntsman. I believe you have touched on that idea before with a retired Huntsman. Expand on the idea with a working defender of whatever faith or commitment these people have which drives them to the hunting of weres. Ideological repulsion against sexual attraction shall we say.

    You can say much more about ghost hounds, explore the contradictions of a Huntsman loving a were. Also, just imagine a bunch of Huntsmen coming from wherever and a bunch of weres from say, Nethmalon, arriving on earth expressing disapproval of the new couple and snarling at each other. As it is the weres in your stories seem completely afraid of the Huntsmen. Is that necessarily true?

    If it all should seem too much like a cliche, well, what can a great writer do with a cliche?

    Tragedy or comedy, it could be a lot of fun. Anyway, best wishes for your new story.

    • Thanks for your comments, JW. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into them. ^_^

      Yes, I’ll admit the plot may be cliche and predictable. But aren’t most stories? The one you suggested sounds like Romeo and Juliet, or any number of stories where enemies become lovers. Like you said, it’s what the write does with the cliche that makes it interesting, or not. When I started this story, I wasn’t trying to write groundbreaking fiction, I wanted something easy and fun, to give myself a break from writing ‘Moonlight’, which is like pulling teeth sometimes to get every word out. The writing of that story has become so serious, I don’t really enjoy working on it very much anymore.

      Maybe this story bears a few similarities to ‘Faerie Christmas’, but I do not rewrite stories (not consciously, anyway). It may have a similar premise, but it diverges quickly. FC was not about being a werecougar. The fact that Nathan was a werecougar was more like a plot device used to separate him from his planet and isolate him on a strange world. I could have just as easily turned him into a vampire and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the plot. This story is completely set on our Earth, and no mention of other worlds or species is likely to be made. It is about being a werewolf, the transformation, the spirit, the pack, the bonds, and the Huntsman.

      Your suggestions are intriguing. I have considered writing a Huntsman/werewolf romance, but I could never come up with a decent plot that didn’t come down to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘Love conquers all’. The one I did write, ‘Unspoken’, I have come to dislike to much that I will never republish it. I will probably never even try to rewrite it. That one and ‘Bad Candy’ are the only two that I simply can’t stand, for whatever reason.

      For this story, at the risk of giving away too much, I will say that I want to establish early that Huntsman = Bad, and then later introduce a Huntsman who isn’t. Not the guy on the corner, though. I have already established his character in my head and he is a dour, single-minded, fanatical sort of guy with very black and white views on werewolves. He’s also more than twice the MC’s age. Not a love-interest type. And yes, for the most part, all werewolves on Earth are afraid of the Huntsmen. Protected by the Ghost Hounds and highly trained in hunting and combat, they are nearly impossible to kill and their fanaticism makes them impossible to bribe, threaten, or reason with. They are the Boogymen of werewolf society.

      Thank you again. Your ideas are very interesting and maybe I will write a Huntsman-centric story that focuses more on the hounds one of these days, but as I have already 35,000 words of this story, I’m kind of invested in it the way it is. ^_^

  4. Thank you for your reply. The story is yours of course. But I do have enthusiasms which hit me from time to time when I encounter your work. I have seen what you have done elsewhere. Perhaps you are right and any such huntsman-were story would either be a comedy or a tragedy. But the conflict and angst could be magnificent. Unspoken, perhaps, shows something of the way however better answers might be found, but if you dislike the premise then let it go.

    I don’t believe you have mentioned the age of the huntsman observing the accident in this story until now or his granite like convictions. But that is as it must be. Even when I made my comments it was or should be obvious you might well be committed to other things. There are always other stories to be written, you know.

    This is a vast universe with many possible threads which could be followed. It could also contain stories written in other genre than yaoi or romance. Mystery, or adventure, or horror are just three to mention. As for the only Earth orientation of this story, I would point out that the Huntsmen do not appear to have originated on Earth. If so, that would be intriguing in itself considering the Ghosthounds.

    Writing a story that ignores the rest of the universe is common enough even in science fiction in which a premise exists that other planets are inhabited as well. Even ordinary fiction can be set in America without really denying Europe exists. At the moment, not knowing what you are doing, denying an extraterrestrial origin for the Huntsmen seems anachronistic. But lets just see how your story grows

    I will express one disagreement with you on one point. Nathan as a vampire gives me the willies. I can’t stand the thought of a cold blooded lover and Ezarali with such a lover makes me want to run for the door. I think such a story would necessarily be very different emotionally because of this assumption and personally quite unpleasant to read. Nathan as a vampire would, however nice he tried to be, have more in common with the nobility from which Ezarali fled. Something of a Count Dracula flavor. I tried your Suburban Fantasy and soon dropped it because I just couldn’t get into the sex scenes. However, that is my taste.

    Thank you for replying at length to my original comments. I do love your work, possibly Suburban Fantasy excepted, and I adore Broken Wings and Moonlight. Please don’t ever stop writing.



    • JW, I love your comments and your enthusiasm. I hope I didn’t sound defensive in my last reply – that wasn’t my intention. I appreciate hearing your ideas and opinions. It’s nice to get other viewpoints. ^_^

      No, none of that information about the Huntsman has been in the story yet, I just wanted to explain why your idea wouldn’t work with this story. It’s an interesting idea, though, and with different characters, it would work. I’ve thought about a Huntsman-Were story, but have been unable to come up with interesting characters or a decent plot. The lack of plot is mostly why I dislike Unspoken so much. And yes, there are ALWAYS more stories to be written. You should see my files full of notes, lol.

      I have considered trying my hand at other genres – fantasy adventure or mystery/crime thriller set in a fantasy world – but the gay smut always works its way in. That’s what I enjoy. I’ve even thought about writing m/f erotica (because that’s where the money seems to be) but I just can’t get interested in the story. ‘Alpha Spirit’ is the closes to a non-romance, non-yaoi story that I’ve written so far. Even though the MC is gay, there will be very little romance and no sex in this book, so maybe all I need is practice. 🙂

      True, the Huntsman do not originate on Earth. I’ve never really explained how Earth fits into my fantasy universe, except vaguely in the Suburban Fantasy books (ironic, lol). In brief, Earth is currently quarantined because of its hostile and invasive inhabitants, but it wasn’t always. Up until the middle ages, it was open to travel by other species, which is where Earth legends of dragons, unicorns, faeries, vampires, and werewolves came from. The Huntsman also traveled to Earth during this time to hunt werewolves, and some chose to stay after the great evacuation and the closing of all public worldgates, after which Earth was cut off from the rest of the universe until such time as the native inhabitants matured enough to no longer pose a threat to peaceful worlds.

      So, the werewolves and Huntsman who are on Earth today are descendants of those who came from other worlds. They have forgotten their origins and many have made up new legends and myths about who they are and where they came from. So what is said in this book, while not technically correct, is the truth as these people know it.

      You make a good point about Nathan if he was a vampire, regarding the feelings of the readers. People like and dislike different things, and I never fault anyone for having different tastes. I do believe that the plot would have remained nearly unchanged, however, because being a Were was mostly unimportant to the story, so being a vampire would not have been any more important. That was the only point I was trying to make.

      You’re very welcome, and thank you for taking the time to leave such thought-provoking comments. I’m glad you enjoy Broken Wings and Moonlight so much. Although Izeri has me wanting to pull my hair out sometimes (because it’s not easy to write a non-human character) I love the characters and the setting, and I have ideas for quite a few more stories, although none on the scale of either BW or Moonlight. At this point, I don’t think it would be possible for me to stop. ^_^

      Thank you,

  5. Thank you for the enlightenment. I could raise a lot of questions from what you have said above but I shall ask them another time. I would just like to say that adventure, horror, science fiction and fantasy or crime can be have gay characters as well. It may be that if you want to go widely commercial being a bit more circumspect would help. But gay literature or yaoi is growing more common every year so sex may become less of a problem in popular literature.

    I’m inclined to think you could follow in the footsteps of more commercial writers if you want. But it is just as possible that the public will in the end follow you into the things you find interesting. The interactive nature of much internet writing is something new. I suspect that someday an internet writer will develop a following which will just grow into the millions without any help from the traditional publishing media.

    Clearly, one sees the history of a work much more clearly on the internet in cases such as yours. Books may evolve as they are written with audience feedback and grow in seriousness as they grow through time and reader participation. If you have not seen The Company of Shadows by Sonny and Ais you might consider having a look and read what they say about their start. The book(s) are vast collection of episodes written across a decade now being slowly edited to a more professional standard over many years. The final version, if ever, lies years in the future.

    Something similar might be done with Broken Wings and Moonlight. They have much the feel of a single novel. Instead of one POV the chapters could be interleaved to provide at least two points of view. The more chaste Izeri as counterpoint to the more ribald Jak. The work would be three or four volumes in length with additional chapters to express the POV of Charias, Maika, Akitra, and Zaiden. The two separate versions could then attract a readership for the final one. Finished, say, over the next 10 years so you can write of other things.

    And of course you could write other stories along the way. For example, what problems are Jak, Maika and Akitra into having set up house in a mansion on some fairie world? Is Zaiden smarting and looking for revenge? Has he managed through his connections to become a real nuisance somewhere? Will Charias and Izeri play a part? Maika will probably be a budding politician in some ministry, or not. But what would Akitra be doing? However, if Izeri is becoming a problem to write don’t start this one too soon! Finish Moonlight first!

    As you can see I have you writing of these five people for the next 10 years. Still, I can’t help but think that somewhere in here is your bid for Harry Potter fame.

    Best Wishes


  6. Sorry I’m a bit confused. Watt has more chapters and you said to go here… we’re do I go to keep reading?

    • My bad, I forgot to mention that I’m a bit behind in posting chapters here, but here is where I will continue to update. I’m done with that site and will be removing this story from there in a few days.

  7. Good chapter 🙂 can’t wAit until the next one

  8. Hard for me that you just removed the story from the other site. I was just reading some chapter, when the next one denied to load. And now there isn’t any trace of it. Do I really have to wait that long then? It’s kind of mental torture for me 🙂 You know exactly how much you need to feed me for that I’m not starving…

  9. When will you take the story off hold? You just caught up to the Wattpad story and now it’s gone 😦 :(. When is it coming back??? *desperatly cries

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