2016 State of the Author Update   6 comments

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. It looks like spring may be on its way early in my area, so I’m bracing for a rough allergy season. Other than that, I’m doing very well. The weather is (unseasonably) good and no new traumas have rocked our family in a while.

Unfortunately, I have some disappointing news. I’m going to have to take a break from posting, both on Alpha Spirit and on Moonlight. This is a very busy time of year and just don’t have time to work on those, and other projects, and work, and family obligations. I know you guys understand, you’re always so good at understanding and being supportive, but I still feel bad.

My first priority right now is getting Memoryache read for publishing. I’ve edited the main text several times, though it still needs another read-through. I don’t have any of the extras ready, though. I have the short story outlined, but I still need to write it, and several new articles.

It’s also nearly tax time. I do my own taxes, which is time-consuming, but usually not difficult.

I was also asked to create a rhyming-word bingo game for Dr. Seuss’ birthday at work. We’re having a family reading night at the school, with story readers, photo booth, fishing game, and bingo, so that’s taking some extra-curricular time.

And my mother and I planning a road trip for Spring Break, driving from Eugene, OR to Tuscon, AZ to visit some family friends who are living there now, so we’re trying to sell some of our crafts to make the $$$ to afford the trip, so I’ve been spending a lot of time crocheting blankets and sewing furry hats.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to. I’m hoping to have Memoryache out in March or April, and hopefully I can start working on and posting Moonlight and Alpha Spirit soon after that. I’ll be sure to post updates when I get closer to release time. Thanks for understanding!




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6 responses to “2016 State of the Author Update

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  1. Yay!!! I’m so excited for Memoryache! What’s the short story going to be?! 🙂

    • The short story will be a look at two more side characters, Vaelen and Lord Jan Besteth, the Green Mage. They’re two of my favorite minor characters and I thought it would be fun to see what they get up to while Lark and Naeven are off saving the day. ^_^

  2. Have fun doing IRL stuff! Can’t wait for moonlight and try out the new short story.

  3. *knock knock* hey, I just wanted to ask you if everything is okay and if you will be back someday? We really Miss your stories 😦

  4. Hey, there! Kinda worried over here… not asking for much, just a small peep to let us know you’re okay?

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