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Well, summer is over and the new school year is right around the corner. I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished during the break as I wanted to, but I feel well rested and ready to get back to work. I still don’t know what my schedule for this year will be, but as we are introducing full-day kindergarten, I imagine I’ll be spending a lot of time with the kinders. I hope I have them in the morning, before they get tired and grumpy, lol.

Last week, all school employees had to undergo ALICE training, which teaches us what we can do to protect our kids and survive an active shooter in the school. How horrible is that? I’m a teacher, not a police officer, not a marine. We shouldn’t have to make life or death decisions in the event that some deranged person comes trying to kill our children! I’m glad we had the training, though, because the world can be a terrible place, and it’s better to know what to do, even if it never happens.

On the writing front, I got almost nothing done over the summer. I was (almost) able to keep up posting chapters of Moonlight, although the chapters kept getting shorter. Why, you may ask? I blame my new laptop, lol. I thought I’d be so productive, able to write anywhere, but it turns out, I’m too much a creature of habit. I can’t get used to the laptop keyboard. It just feels different from my desktop keyboard. And trying to write anywhere except my bedroom is too distracting, and sitting on my bed with the laptop in my lap is too uncomfortable. And the biggest distraction is that the laptop runs games better than my desktop, so I’ve wasted most of the summer playing Flight Rising, Farmville and Minecraft. Sigh.

So now I’m back to writing on the old, faithful desktop, and in the past three days, I’ve written more than I was writing each month during the summer. I have the next chapter of Moonlight all ready to post on Monday, and it’s more than twice as long as the last few chapters have been. I even got some work done on the next book in the Magebound series, which I plan to release early next year. And I got the next book in the Suburban Fantasy series published.

I decided not to enroll A Visit From the Truth Faerie in the Kindle Select program, and have removed the four stories that I did have in it. It used to be, every story read through the Kindle Unlimited program gave the author the same royalty, about $1.30, no matter how long or short the story was. Since I had my short stories and novellas priced at $0.99, and was receiving $0.35 for each purchase, this sounded like a great deal.

Then Amazon changed their policy and payouts. Now, they pay according to pages read, so longer books earn more and shorter books earn less. It’s a great policy and far more fair than the previous one, but it defeated my entire purpose of adding my short stories. I may consider putting one of my epic novels into Select, but for now, I’m out and I have re-priced my shorts back to $0.99. They were never supposed to earn me a living, just get people interested in my other books. This also means that I no longer have to be exclusive to Amazon and will be placing them back into Smashwords sometime soon.

Anyway, that’s about all that I wanted to say. I’m happy, healthy, and eager to get back to work. Stay tuned for more upcoming releases and thanks for being the greatest fans in the universe. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful readers!


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