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“Aren’t they beautiful?” Marcus whispered, staring raptly out through the windshield. The buck was a big, regal four-point, his antlers gleaming wet from the rain. After a moment, the does turned and bounded across the road, their white tails flashing. He followed more sedately, walking out of the light and into the darkness. After they were gone, Marcus drove on as though nothing had happened.

Shaken, I glanced over at him. “Beautiful? Is that all they were? You didn’t want to- to…”

“Hunt them?” Marcus said, finishing my thought.

— Alpha Spirit, Chapter Sixteen – Animal Instincts

I’ll see you next Friday, 7/31/15 for Chapter Seventeen – The Mechanics of Being a Werewolf


Alpha Spirit Chapter Index

Alpha Spirit: Chapter Sixteen – Animal Instincts


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