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Marcus climbed out of the Jeep and I reluctantly followed, hunching my shoulders against the cold, wet wind that swirled through the clearing, making the nearby trees rattle and groan. Gravel crunched underfoot as we approached the barn, the big, main doors standing open wide enough to allow us through. It was warm inside and smelled of old straw and some kind of musky animal scent, like a wet dog. A few chairs and some ragged bales of hay had been set up in the middle of the barn, and I froze at the sight of the people seated upon them, waiting. They looked like normal people, in jeans and sweatshirts, one old woman with a crochet shawl around her thin shoulders and her gray hair swept up in a tight bun on top of her head. The only thing unusual about them was that they were all staring at me.

— Alpha Spirit, Chapter Thirteen – The Pack

I’ll see you next Friday, 7/17/15 for Chapter Fourteen – Darkness


Alpha Spirit Chapter Index

Alpha Spirit: Chapter Thirteen – The Pack


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