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Author’s Note: Happy Monday everyone! Here’s the newest chapter of Moonlight. It’s a little longer than the previous few, but not long enough to make up for skipping last week. My only excuse is that my life is just really busy right now. I’ve been doing a lot of house/pet sitting, and I was given an added responsibility at work, which mean extra hours for a while, which is great, but it keeps me really busy.

I’ve got Spring Break coming up, but again, I’m house-sitting, so who knows how much writing time I’ll have, but I’ll try to keep to the schedule, even if they are short chapters. I’m also working on prepping Magebound for re-publishing, and I’m thinking about re-pubbing Long Winter’s End for a spring/Easter release, probably around the first of April.

Anyway, enjoy the new chapter, and I apologize for my absence.

Moonlight Ch. 40


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  1. yey! so much to look forward to! ^_^

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