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Hello all! Sorry this update is a little late. I’ve been pretty busy this month, although I decided not to do NaNoWriMo. I just had too much on my plate. I did finally finish the epic Person of Interest fanfiction that I’ve been working on for most of the year. It ended up being 108,000 words and 40 chapters long, an emotional roller-coaster of kidnapping, angst, shoot-outs, angst, hurt/comfort, smut, and smutty angst. I had a blast writing it, but now I’m taking a step back from the fandom and getting back to my own original stories.

Last night, in fact, I started working on my big Broken Wings project again, the one I want to put up for sale on Smashwords. The story itself is ready, edited, and formatted to within an inch of its life (although I may give it one more edit, because I know I must have missed some things). What I’m working on is the ‘special features’ that I’m including in the e-book version. So far, I have mini-biographies for all of the main and minor characters, non-fiction articles about how I created my mages, werefolk, faeries, and vampires, as well as an informative article about Alyrrawood University’s history, layout, the actual forest, and the people who work there. I also want to include two short stories, one featuring Jak, Akitra, and Maika, and the other featuring Darike and Zaiden, but those have been giving me some trouble and are the main reason why this project is still unfinished.

Our first craft fair went well, although not one of my silly fur hats sold 😦 Of course, most of our customers were eighty year old women, so what can I expect. I did get a couple of requests for child-sized hats, so I fiddled around with my pattern and managed to shrink it down to kid-sized. The kid ones are faster to make because they’re smaller, but I don’t like making them as much. Why, you might ask? Because I can’t wear them. T_T We have one more craft sale next weekend and I’m sewing my fingers off trying to get kid hats made. Hopefully, this venue will have a wider range of customers.

I’m also trying to prioritize and work out a writing schedule. I was actually doing it with my POI fanfic and it seemed to work quite well. I was able to post a chapter every week and was only late twice. So, priority number one will be Broken Wings. That will be my ‘work’ project. Then, on weekends, I’ll get to do a ‘fun’ project — pretty much anything I want to write, or if I just want to play computer games all day, that’s fine, too. That way, I won’t get burned out again (I hope).

Until next time! ^_^


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  1. I’m sorry none of your hats sold! Craft fairs suck, because most people complain about how expensive everything is, when you’re just giving a fair price :/ I’m so excited about Broken Wings as well, definitely will jump all over that once it is out.

    • Thanks. We’ve been doing the craft-thing for fifteen years or so and we don’t even bother trying to get fair price. If we can pay for materials and get a bit for our time, we count ourselves lucky. But, I do my sewing while I’m watching TV, so it’s not like work that I’m barely getting paid for, it’s wasted time that I’m making semi-productive, lol.
      Thank you, I appreciate the support!

  2. busy busy bee! ^_^

  3. Oooo, Broken Wings extras, nice. Looking forward to that & when you get back around to Moonlight. 😉

  4. I love your Magebound, read it at least 3x. Will there be a next one ? And will there be an eBook ?
    Have a nice 2013 !

    • Thanks, Karin! I’m glad you enjoyed Magebound. There’s been another setback regarding the sequel, so I have no idea when or even if it will be published. I’m going to keep trying, though.
      Hope you have a Happy New Year! ^_^

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