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Author’s Note: Yay! That’s three chapters on time in a row! Lol. This chapter is one of my recent favorites and features the return of one of my favorite minor characters.

Enjoy and thanks for reading! ^_^

Moonlight Ch. 47

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The Books Have Arrived! ^_^   3 comments

Yay! I’m now the proud (and hopefully temporary) owner of a big box of books! It’s not too late to claim your signed copy. Just send me an email and we’ll work out the details:

Magebound – $10

Breach – $10

Broken Wings – $12

Any two for $18 or three for $25. Shipping within the US is $4 for the first book and +$1 for each additional book.

I have to say, I am just as pleased with the quality of Magebound as I have been for the other books. Still very happy with CreateSpace.


Spellwrought Update   7 comments

I thought I’d post an update on the progress of Spellwrought, since I had (what I consider to be) an amazing breakthrough the other night regarding Naeven. After having re-read Magebound numerous times during the publishing process, and recently re-read Spellwrought again to consider what, if any, editing I wanted to do, I was struck again by how irrational and emotional Naeven could be. He’s worse in Spellwrought than he was in Magebound, getting depressed or flying into a rage, or sulking for seemingly no good reason…

And I considered rewriting the entire book to make him more reasonable.

But then I realized that he doesn’t have to be reasonable. Not if he’s bipolar.

And suddenly all of his emotional outbursts made sense, his highs and lows, his rages, his drama. And it adds yet another layer to the story and to his character. Now, I don’t profess to understand what it’s like to have bipolar disorder, but I grew up with a mother who is borderline bipolar, and she didn’t seek medical help for it until I was in high school, so I have first-hand experience in surviving the rages and depression and manic mood swings of someone who is bipolar. I will do my best not to turn him into a characterture or stereotype, or to use his illness as a gimmick.

It’s going take some rewriting of certain parts, especially the end, but that’s okay, because I was never really happy with how Spellwrought ended anyway. What I’ve written so far is so much better. And now Naeven has a reasonable explanation for being unreasonable, and he’s even got a reasonable explanation for why he quit taking the herbs that helped him. I think it’s a poignant glimpse at who he used to be, and how far he had fallen before Lark came into his life.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to at the moment, along with working on another chapter of Moonlight and trying to brainstorm an idea for another Christmas Confessions story for the holidays. I’m trying to avoid ‘rinse and repeat’ when it comes to a plot, and so far, most of them have been really similar to Dragon Lover.

Guy 1: “Merry Christmas and surprise, I’m a faerie/vampire/werewolf/centaur!”

Guy 2: “Oh, I can’t take this! Wait, I love you. Let’s have sex!”

Once was fine, and maybe in the future I could use that plot again, but I want to be more creative than that, dammit!

Okay, enough from me, lol. If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions, or questions, feel free to comment. ^_^


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Moonlight Monday 9/29/14   2 comments

Author’s Note: To celebrate my better than expected ebook sales for the month of September, I have another new chapter of Moonlight! Should the muses continue to favor me, I’ll have the next one on Oct. 13th.

Thanks for reading! ^_^

Moonlight Ch. 46

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Taking Orders for Signed Copies of Magebound!   4 comments

Magebound has been formatted, uploaded and proofed! It’s ready to be published via CreateSpace and should be on Amazon by the end of the week and in other bookstores in 6 – 8 weeks. Like I did with Breach and Broken Wings, I’m going to order some copies of Magebound myself and offer signed copies. I’d like to get an idea of how many people are interested so I can decide if I should get 10 or 20 copies. Since it was previously published, many of you may already have a print copy, and I don’t want a big box of books sitting around my bedroom if no one wants them, lol!

I also have two copies of Broken Wings and three copies of Breach available, but I can order more if I run out and I do offer discounts if you want to order multiple books at once.

Magebound – $10

Breach – $10

Broken Wings – $12

Any two for $18

All three for $25 (A $36+ value based on current Amazon prices)

Shipping and handling is $3 for one book and +$1 for each additional book within the US. I’ll do international shipping if you’re willing to cover the cost (which is crazy expensive, in my opinion). I accept PayPal.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment so I know how many books to order, or you can email me at katicalocke(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

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Katica Locke Interviews Lord Naeven Sactaren   2 comments

Katica Locke: Hello, everyone. Today, I have the pleasure and honor to introduce the great Lord Sactaren, Traxen’s resident mage. Welcome, M’Lord.

Naeven Sactaren: Thank you, Ms. Locke. It is an honor to be here.

KL: Please, call me Katica.

NS: Of course. Whatever you want. This is your dog and pony show, after all.

KL: Am I detecting a bit of hostility, Lord Sactaren?

NS: Oh, no. I don’t have anything better that I could be doing with my time.

KL: I love your thinly veiled sarcasm.

NS: Oh, you caught that, did you?

KL: Well, I am a writer. It helps if I can pick up on the subtleties of human language…You are human, aren’t you?

NS: What else would I be?

KL: (smiles) Any number of annoying things. Maybe I should run a DNA test to be sure.

NS: (sighs) Yes, I’m human. All of my ancestors have been human for as far back as I could trace them — fourteen generations.

KL: Why is that? Your family have something against other species? Xenophobia?

NS: Hardly. My aunt married a faun and I had a third cousin who had a thing for goblins, it’s just that interspecies unions rarely produce viable offspring. Like a horse and a donkey make a sterile mule.

KL: Interesting. Have you ever had an interspecies affair?

NS: Who hasn’t? Now, I was promised a sack of fan mail from the semi-literate peasants who read my book.

KL: Your book? Excuse me, but Magebound is my book, or else Lark’s book. Not your book. And don’t insult my fans.

NS: Am I not the ‘mage’ in Magebound? I think that entitles me to first billing. Have you decided who will play me in the movie?

KL: I seem to be losing control of this interview. Let’s do a few fan letters and then you can get back to ogling Lark and skulking around the back room, or whatever you have to do that’s so important. (digs into mail bag) Here’s one from Angelina in Syracuse, New York. ‘Dear Lord Sactaren, can you introduce me to Jan Besteth? He’s so gorgeous!’

NS: (icy stare) Very funny.

KL: (laughs) Okay, for real. She asks, ‘Why don’t you do something productive with all your powers? If I had magic, I’d use it to help people.’

NS: Good for you, Angelina. And while you’re helping people — who won’t appreciate it, by the way, they’ll just demand you do more for them — the magic will slowly strip the morality from your soul until you are as greedy and selfish as I am, and you will become just another in a long line of altruistic mages who succumb to the same, inevitable fate.

KL: Wow, aren’t you just a box of sunshine. Next question: From Sylrivie in Rakish Bend on Eixiin. ‘Dear Lord Sactaren, do you wear boxers or briefs?’

NS: I prefer to go commando.

KL: Okay, last question. This one is from Magebound Junkie in India. ‘Dear Lord Sactaren, in the upcoming sequel, will be any less of an asshat than you were in Magebound?’

NS: (eyes turn red) Excuse me? An asshat?

KL: Well, that’s all the time we have for today folks. Thanks for joining us and if you missed our interviews with Lark and Schaff, you can find them linked on the Magebound page. Until next time, this is Katica Locke, signing off.

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Katica Locke Interviews Schaff   2 comments

Katica Locke: Hello, everybody. Today on the show we have Schaff, one of the stars of Magebound, the ‘paw behind the scenes’, if you will. Welcome, Schaff.

Schaff: (leaps into the seat of the chair and sits with his tail curled around his paws) Hello, Katica. Comfy chair.

KL: Thanks. So, would that be an accurate description of your role in this book?

S: Sure. I pull a lot of strings, more than might need to be plucked, on occasion, and not everything turns out like I intended, but you know what they say — you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make two self-absorbed, bull-headed men have one stupid conversation.

KL: (laughs) Speaking of Lark and Lord Sactaren, do you have any ‘feelings’ about their future together?

S: Of course. But why should I make your job easier? Figure it out yourself.

KL: Any feelings about your own future? Because you could be written out of the story in a heartbeat.

S: (snickers) Seriously? Is that a bag of my fan mail sitting beside you? Because I have a feeling those would turn into hate mail real quick.

KL: (mutters) Pest. (papers rustling) All right, let’s see what what questions the fans have for you. From JennyRed in Fairbanks, Alaska. ‘Dear Schaff, what do you like most about living in Lord Sactaren’s castle?’

S: Great health plan, including vision, dental, and a free gym membership.

KL: C’mon, seriously.

S: Do you really think my fans expect a serious answer? Besides, I am serious. Do you think I look this good at my age because of diet and exercise? Naeven takes good care of me.

KL: All right, fine. Next question, from Mach I. Ran in Eugene, Oregon. ‘Dear Schaff, what does it feel like to be a shape-shifter? Does it hurt?’

S: Sorry, that’s two questions. You forfeit your turn. (snickers and shifts to bipedal form) Tell me, Katica, did that look like it hurt?

KL: It didn’t seem to. It looked like it was easy.

S: I wouldn’t call it easy — it takes effort and practice — but the only thing I feel while doing it is a tingling in my skin and a tightness in my bones…or maybe the other way around. I don’t pay that much attention. (lounges in the chair) So, what else have you got?

KL: Let’s see…Andrea from Germany writes, ‘Dear Schaff, What would you wish for your birthday – a scratching post, maybe?’

S: (tail twitching) Do I look like a house cat? I keep my claws sharp on the legs of witless assistants and Naeven’s good furniture. For my birthday I want an 84 inch trans-plasma, 3-D TV with galactic surround sound, but good luck getting it through customs.

KL: Okay, Andrea also asks, ‘What is your favorite food?’

S: Oh, that’s a toughie. Either chicken liver, young rabbit, or those squishy caterpillars that are infesting Daron.

KL: Caterpillars? (gags)

S: Oh, but they’re so tasty, all chewy and gooey and squirmy. (grins maliciously)

KL: (digs into the mail bag) Here’s one from Cantina Revels in Lachymere on Ashael.

S: Ooh, a local girl. Read on.

KL: She writes, ‘Dear Schaff, do you have a girlfriend?’

S: Sorry, sweetie, I like guys. Next question.

KL: Okay, do you have a boyfriend?

S: I don’t do relationships. Nobody is going to tie this carefree bachelor down. Do you have another letter, or are we done?

KL: I think we have time for one more. I Heart Schaff from Melbourne, Austrailia writes, “Dear Schaff, what role do you play in Spellwrought?’

S: The most important one, obviously. (flashes a sly grin)

KL: And that’s all the time we have. Thank you, Schaff, for joining us today and remember folks, Magebound is now available through Amazon, Smashwords, and now Barnes & Noble. Be sure to join us on Thursday when I interview the sexy and enigmatic mage himself, Lord Naeven Sactaren. Until then, this is Katica Locke signing off.


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